A castle of woes in GreNo
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A castle of woes in GreNo

In spite of paying maintenance charges regularly, the residents of Amrapali Castle are made to face a host of challenges, including lack of security and erratic water supply.

A castle of woes in GreNo

Residents of Amrapali Castle, Sector Chi 5, Greater Noida, are a troubled lot. Despite paying the builder a maintenance rate of Rs 2 per sq ft, they have not been provided with even the basic facilities.  

There are a host of problems — the children’s park is still not finished; the clubhouse is still under construction; the water supply is erratic; CCTV cameras don’t work; and there are just two guards for the entire society.   

Rajesh Gupta, a resident, told City Spidey, “At the time of handing over possession, the builder had promised to provide all the facilities within six months. But the situation has remained unchanged despite our repeated complaints. Now the builder just turns a deaf ear to our woes.”

Even the paint of the interior walls is peeling off, complains another resident, Vipin Tongad.

The builder, when contacted by City Spidey, had no answers.