New Gurugrammars find a ‘way’ out of the toll
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New Gurugrammars find a ‘way’ out of the toll

New 11-feet road will connect to NH-48 and provide relief from toll charges.

New Gurugrammars find a ‘way’ out of the toll

Gurugram: Finding an alternative to resolve their commuting woes, residents of New Gurugram joined hands with their counterparts from Kherki Daula Village on Saturday to earmark a road to connect Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) with service lane of National Highway-48.

The new 11-feet road just 100 meter away from the national highway will provide connectivity from NPR to Service lane of NH-48 to the much needed relief from toll charges to the residents. They are planning to use this alternative route to bypass the toll.

The toll has become a major cause of concern among the residents living in the newly developed sectors, from 79 to 113, They all have one grouse – paying toll charges every time they step out from their home.

Earlier in October, the toll operator dismantled a 350- metre road they used to avoid the toll. The action evoked sharp reaction from the residents and forced them to hold a mass protest with a demand for removal of the toll.

Elated by the development, a beaming vice-president of United Association of New Gurugram, Praveen Malik , said, “We, along with the residents of Kherki Village, have done the marking of the road today as per the map and will soon start developing that kachha rasta (unconstructed road). This will give relief to thousands of New Gurugram residents.”

Recounting how they could be able to achieve this, he narrated, “Our team took up the matter logically and legally in collaboration with the residents of Kherki Daula village. We discussed the issue with Tehsildar (Manesar) and after a long process and struggle we were able to draw out a map which clearly states that there is a road which is connecting the junction point at the service lane.”

The village residents are also supporting the move calling it beneficial to them as well. 

Sanjay Nambardar, a resident of Kherki village, said, “We have agreed to allow the residents to use our road on temporary basis. The residents have got legal sanctity from the authorities (tehsildar). This alternative route would also benefit the villagers from vehicular traffic that passes through the village everyday posing risk to their lives and limbs.”

Notably, Punjab and Haryana High Court, earlier this month, had paved a way to shifting of the toll to Panchgaon Village. 

Bhupender Narula, organisational secretary of UANG said, “The high court has already allowed acquisition of 50 acre land in Panchgaon for the shifting of the toll. However, it has yet to be executed on ground. We are forced to pay Rs 130 every time we pass through the toll which is why we found an alternative route to get a temporary relief. We have discussed our problem with the village residents and convinced them to support us.”