High-value vacant plots amidst high rises an eyesore
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High-value vacant plots amidst high rises an eyesore

Residents of high rises suspect connivance of authority officials with encroachers.

High-value vacant plots amidst high rises an eyesore

Noida: While on the one hand the all-round and round-the-clock connectivity has made Sector 44, Noida a prime location, disputed barren pieces of land play spoilsport on its real value on the other.

Five to six up-market residential societies like Pearls Gateway, Assotech Celeste Towers, Express Green, Gulmohar Garden, Royal Residency, and Kartik Kunj are located in Sector 44. But, residents of these societies look upon the huge vacant plots behind their high rises as an eyesore.

The disputed plots behind Assotech Celeste beside Pearls Gateway has become a dump-yard for construction and demolition (C&D) waste. Moreover, the plots are encroached upon by slum dwellers where they are living under temporary sheds. The residents suspect that the authority is conniving with encroachers as the toilet vans of the authority make a stopover there for their convenience.

On being questioned about the C and D waste is lying on the plot, a concerned official of the Noida Industrial Development Authority while admitting the lapse regretted their inability to remove the waste at present citing ban on causing dust in the atmosphere. He, however, assured that it would be cleared only once the ban is lifted. 

When quoted him in front of the residents of the society, they retorted saying where was he when the construction and demolition waste was being dumped at the vacant plot. Why did he allow them to dump it there then? It means everything happened under his watch. 

One of the residents asked why he (the officer) is not stopping the installation of sheds by slums duellers. He pointed out that the sheds are growing in number overtime. 
Four to five feet high weeds have come up on another disputed vacant plot behind the Royal Residency and Pearls Gateway, the high rises of the sector. Locals make cow and buffalo dung cakes on the plot. Due to this, reptiles are inhabiting the vacant plots. 

While admitting that these plots are indeed of high value, the authority officials say the encroachment on them can't be cleared as there is a court stay on them. Though they have the capacity to clear them,  they find themselves helpless as they have to abide by the Environment Pollution (Protection and Control) rules.