When plants become trees!
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When plants become trees!

Department of Horticulture neglected the tiny issue of pruning of plants for five years. These plants grew into trees, their branches entangled in overhead cables in Sector 33.

When plants become trees!

Overgrown trees in Sector 33 pose a threat to the safety and security of the residents. Branches touch the overhead high tension cables in several places. Three miscreants mounted the trees and managed to enter the Sector last December. Luckily, guards were able to raise the alarm on time.

The department of horticulture of Noida Authority has been sleeping over this problem since these full grown trees were mere plants, allege residents. The matter has blown out of proportions now, as pruning of trees cannot be done without the Forest department's permission.

"Residents and the concerned officials must work hand-in-hand to build a better society. The callous attitude of the officials is discouraging,"says V Kapoor, Vice President, RWA Sector 33.

Kapoor lodged a complaint with the CEO, Noida, Rama Raman, stating that the pruning in the Sector has been delayed for 5 years, despite complaints and reminders to the concerned officials.

What comes as a surprise is that Devendra Singh, Inspector, Department of Horticulture claims that trees of the Sector are already pruned. In contrast, City Spidey found overgrown trees with their branches falling onto live electric cables throughout the Sector. 

The problem was escalated to the Director of Horticulture, IP Singh, who assured 'prompt' action.