Massive salt and fat found in junk food: Study
Massive salt and fat found in junk food: Study
Nishi Bhat
Massive salt and fat found in junk food: Study
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Massive salt and fat found in junk food: Study

A study has found fast-food companies violating the norms for use of salt, fat and other preservatives in their products. 

According to a report based on the survey, conducted by Center for Science and Environment (CSE), 33 popular junk and packed foods like chips, pizza and burger are found with massive salt and fat. 

The CSE report demanded that the fast and packed foods containing salt and fat higher than the thresholds should be labelled 'red' so that parents and children can ascertain as to how much salt and fat they are consuming.

Sunita Narayana, director-general of the CSE, said, “We have found all food exceed what should be our recommended dietary intake of salt and fat. It tells us that food is not good for us.” 

She asserted that we as consumers have the right to know what has been used for preparing our packed food and how much in quantity. But, lamented the Food Safety and Standard Authority (FSSAI) is dragging its feet on notifying its own draft labelling notifications. 

“We are demanding for food labelling since long,” she informed. 

“Our study concludes that there should be a 'Red' label on the packed food as per the norms laid down in FASSI notification. Industries do not want to make it a rule and playing havoc with the health of the consumers, especially children, who happen to be a big chunk of consumers of the fast food,” she elaborated.  

Dr Atul Gogia, the general physician of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, said, “High intake of salt and fat develops metabolic syndrome and it may be responsible for diabetic and high blood pressure as well later in life. It is not good for the kidney also.”