Unsafe Gaur City: Alert boy gives a slip to abductors
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Unsafe Gaur City: Alert boy gives a slip to abductors

The boy was smart enough to push the culprits aside and ran away.

Unsafe Gaur City: Alert boy gives a slip to abductors

Greater Noida West: The police were still struggling to solve the case of a person went missing from Gaur City area on Friday morning, abduction, bid near the 1st avenue, on a 12-year-old boy was reported. 

Rahul (name changed) was returning from a nearby highrise, where he had gone for tuition in the night. He was hardly 100 meters away from his house in Saya Zion when three unidentified men in a black car and tried to push him inside the vehicle.

The boy was smart enough to push the culprits aside and ran away. He entered from the second gate of Saya Zion society near the market.

As per his mother's account, the child reached home shivering and sweating profusely. He told her that the culprits had caught hold of him on the main road. 

Rahul's mother Nidhi (name changed) told CitySpidey that the car followed her son from a distance before stopping near him when one of the men wearing a mask stepped out of the vehicle and grabbed the boy by the waist. Luckily, the boy, acting on his reflexes, hit the man in his eyes with his two thumbs and ran away.

"We are here for our children's education. But if they are not safe, what use is education. After this episode, I am so scared that I can't even send my child to play downstairs," said Nidhi. 

After the incident, the residents, along with MLA Tejpal Nagar, went to Bisrakh police station to register a case of abduction. 

The incident has sent shockwaves across Greater Noida West. Coming as it does close on the heels of a murder in the area, the kidnapping bid came as a rude shock to them. They have started feeling that they are living in a jungle, a city. Many are considering shifting from here. 

Who is responsible for our safety, ask the residents. Even the CCTV is not reliable. The quality of its footage is so low that even the car number is not visible. The residents allege that despite many cases of crime, the Gaursons, the builders, are not ready to invest in the security of the township while crores go in the maintenance.

Speaking to CitySpidey, Manoj Gaur, owner of Gaursons, denied that the camera and security are inadequate. He said, "Several cases in the past have been solved because of these very cameras. They are of the latest technology and every avenue has proper security."

He contended that when the criminal cases involve high-profile people, they tend to panic. This, he said was evident from the reaction. Nontheless, they, along with the residents of all the avenues, will take further steps to enhance the security of the area.

Talking to CitySpidey, Preet Bhargava, a resident of the area, said, "It is so shameful that the incident occurred just an hour after a top police official visited Gaur City. All these incidents show that the criminals of the area have no fear of the law."

Even as the complaint has been registered in Bisrakh and CCTV footage has been scanned, there has been no action from the police as yet.

Meanwhile, officials of the Bisrakh police station, including station house officer (SHO) Manoj Pathak, have been suspended for deriliction of duty over the murder of Gaurav Chandel, on Friday.