Citizen group writes to Noida authority over water woes
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Citizen group writes to Noida authority over water woes

The committee underscored the need to ensure zero discharge.

Citizen group writes to Noida authority over water woes

Noida: Janshakti Sewa Samiti, a committee of socially active citizens residing in Noida, recently wrote to Ritu Maheshwari, chief executive officer with Noida Industrial Development, demanding uninterrupted supply of quality water and maximum reuse of wastewater. 


In a two-page letter addressing the top office drawing the attention of the authority to the wastage of a large quantity of water, the committee underscored the need to ensure zero discharge. Around 80 per cent of water is drained into sewers. 

The committee said, ''We would like to suggest that with STP facility based on upgraded technology water may be treated for reuse and sold to organisations, such as Botanical Gardens and NTPC etc. Besides revenue generation, it will ensure the fullest use of water and result in zero discharge.''  

With a view to avoid unnecessary wastage of water and ensure economical use by consumers, it is absolutely essential to supply metered water. For the last several years, citizens are being informed that the Noida Authority was planning to have the meters installed for all the water connections, but the action is yet to be seen on the ground, they added. 

Even though around 350 borewells each having an installed capacity of 1MLD and nine Raney Wells with a capacity of 18 MLD each besides augmentation of around 80 cusecs of Ganga water supply, Noida residents have continuously been experiencing paucity of water, they pointed out. 

An estimated requirement of water for the current population of the city is around 300 MLDs as against the prescribed seven hours. The actual supply is in the range of not more than three to three and half hours. The authority must appreciate that the situation is not well managed and there is an essential and critical need for requisite improvement in the management. 

“May we take an opportunity to request the authority to issue an urgent direction in this regard,” the committee asked. 

It said that a large number of complaints regarding the poor quality of water containing a high level of TDS, sediment and other harmful substances have been pouring in on continuously. In this connection, the following steps need to be taken on an urgent basis. 

 A Supreme Court Order, issued in 2000, had directed the chief secretary of the state of Uttar Pradesh to install a water purifier at all supply points. But, it is yet to be complied with after 20 years. 

Furthermore, underground water is contaminating as a result of rising contamination in the Yamuna and Hindon rivers. The committee sought urgent directions for requisite measures so as to ensure improved quality of water being supplied to Noida residents. 
A large number of rusted water pipes are adding to the contamination. Periodic schedule for flushing of pipelines need to be revived on an urgent basis, the letter reminds the authority.