How Radhika Apts brought a park back to life
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How Radhika Apts brought a park back to life

This Dwarka Sector 14 society not only turned the neighbourhood park from a barren patch to its present green avatar, but also installed dustbins and noticeboards inside it.

How Radhika Apts brought a park back to life RWA members of Radhika Apartments, Dwarka, instal a dustbin at the neighbourhood park

Setting an example for all resident welfare associations in the sub-city, the RWA of Radhika Apartments in Pocket 1, Sector 14, Dwarka, has set up four new dustbins and two noticeboards to promote cleanliness at the neighbourhood park.

SS Chowhan, president of the RWA, said, “We have been taking measures for the maintenance of the park for the past couple of years. Two or three years ago, it was in such a poor state, but now it is well developed — and we want to keep it that way. So we carry out cleaning campaigns periodically in this park. The dustbins and noticeboards are another step in the direction.”

The dustbins have been set up at four points in the park, and the noticeboards installed in front of the two entrances. Mansukh Sharma, one of the residents of the society who has been instrumental in the cleaning campaign, said, "The board and dustbins were a necessity, as a large number of people come to the park in the mornings and the evenings. We’ve also designated a place for dumping garbage. Things related to the sanitation and maintenance of the park will be written on the noticeboards to raise awareness among people and help them keep the park clean and green."

The maintenance of the park was recently transferred to the municipal corporation from the DDA. 

Anupam Yashovardhan, general secretary of the RWA, said, "Earlier, this park was just another abandoned patch of land. It took the DDA more than two years to make it what it is today. What we did is that we provided moral support, some of our resources — such as guards — and a positive approach towards cleanliness. I appeal to residents and visitors to keep supporting the cause."


RWA members pose for a photograph after installing a noticeboard at the park.