Quest for road connectivity: Orris Aster Court draws a blank from GMDA  
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Quest for road connectivity: Orris Aster Court draws a blank from GMDA  

With no streetlight along the way the situation is worse off. 

Quest for road connectivity: Orris Aster Court draws a blank from GMDA  

Gurugaram: The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) expressed its inability to oblige Orris Aster Court by undertaking the construction of a road. The reason the authority cited for the refusal is that the construction of a 24m-wide does not come under it.   

Earlier, residents of the society in Sector 85 wrote to the GMDA with a request to ensure permanent road connectivity to the city.

In their letter, they complained that the builder had provided temporary road connectivity after the consent of local landowners. However, the unmetalled road was in bad shape. With no streetlight along the way, the situation is worse off. 

More than 500 residents are made to suffer in the absence of proper road connectivity. 

The residents informed that in November last year, the road was dug up by locals for the reason best known to them. It was reopened after they made a police complaint.

“We got possession of our flats in 2016, but are yet to have permanent road connectivity. Every now and then few landowners come and threaten to dig up the road to cut us off from the city. We fear the road would be blocked again anytime. After running from pillar to post, the matter is unresolved as ever,” said Mohit Dutt, a resident of the society. 

He lamented that neither the authorities nor the builder are coming forward to redress our grievance.

Speaking about their plight, the residents say at the time of emergency, things may get worse. With no streetlights, several instances of chain snatching have been reported from the area.

Paramveer Singh, another resident, said, “Road is a basic necessity to have livable accommodation. We are deprived of it despite of this too even after paying all sorts of taxes in the form of infrastructure development charge and external development charge. 

He gave an account of how schoolchildren are forced to walk long as bus drivers refuse to come near the society gate. The unlit temporary road makes it unsafe for pedestrians.