PHOTO KATHA: Nostalgia and the Gurgaon sky

By Nitin Sirohi
Photo: Nitin Sirohi
Posted: Jul 15, 2016

So you thought Gurgaon in the monsoons was just about waterlogged streets and endless traffic jams?

Take a moment to look up. There's colour, there's brilliance and a world of ethereal beauty. 

Nitin Sirohi, a senior product manager in a leading IT and software development firm, captures the nostalgia of the monsoon sky from his Uppal South End flat in Sohna Road, Gurgaon.


A POOL OF LIGHT: Do you think the residents of the building know what beauty unfolds in the skies above?


ORANGE AND THE NEW BLACK: A lonely bird makes the most of the twilight hours. 


PINK PERSUASION: They say every time the skies glow red a god looks down at his creation.


AFTERGLOW: The sky wears the golden crown of a setting sun, as the trees bear testimony.


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