6 quick fixes for Kaushambi and Indirapuram
6 quick fixes for Kaushambi and Indirapuram
Abid Hussain Barlaskar
6 quick fixes for Kaushambi and Indirapuram
Photo: Abid Hussain Barlaskar

6 quick fixes for Kaushambi and Indirapuram

Members of KARWA (Kaushambi Apartments Residents Welfare Association) and FedAOA (Federation of Apartment Owners Association) met Sujit Pandey, IG Meerut zone, on Sunday evening, to discuss their issues.

At the meeting held at Hotel Radisson Blu in Kaushambi, the IG was apprised of the law and order issues faced by residents of Kaushambi and Indirapuram. Various issues, such as non-registration of FIRs, bad behaviour of local police, drugs, traffic problems, PCR response time, traffic and encroachments, were discussed. 

Here is what the IG had to say about each problem:

1. Complaints against local police

The IG said that he would provide a phone number to report complaints against local police. He ensured that the problems would be dealt with at the earliest. Pandey also said that all the police outposts in Ghaziabad would have a desk officer, who would ensure proper behaviour by the officials of the station.

2. Law and order situation

Speaking about nabbing criminals, the IG urged residents to instal CCTV cameras outside their societies. He said that the police had identified 55 entry and exit points in Ghaziabad, which would be under continuous surveillance.

3. Security of banks and other institutions

Discussing institutional security for banks and other institutions, Pandey urged residents to use "Tatpar", a smartphone app for security of banks and other institutions initiated by the UP Police. The app alerts the nearest police station and police control room via text messages in case of an emergency.

4. Traffic issues

IG Pandey said that he had taken note of traffic issues, such as usage of pressure horns, irregular parking and multiple traffic lights on roads. He said the issues would be solved and that he was planning to make the road from Mohan Nagar to Delhi a zero cut road.

5. Encroachments

When residents of Indirapuram and Kaushambi approaced the IG with the issue of encroachment, he said he was aware of the problem and would take steps to solve the problem within 15 days. He also said that the police would take steps to ensure the encroachers don't come back.

6. Kaushambi residents' problem lodging FIRs

Discussing the complaint of residents of Kaushambi, that they had to visit Indirapuram police station to lodge an FIR, Pandey said that the police outpost in Kaushambi would be made capable of lodging FIRs so residents don't have to visit the Indirapuram police station located in Vasundhara.