App with barcodes to keep MCG posted on garbage collection
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App with barcodes to keep MCG posted on garbage collection

The app is prepared by the Union government under a pilot project.

App with barcodes to keep MCG posted on garbage collection

Gurugram: The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has launched a new mobile application called Swachh Nagar. The app, through barcodes, will give higher officials of the civic body information regarding whether garbage has been picked up from houses or not. 

On Tuesday, Mayor Madhu Azad along with Senior Deputy Mayor Pramila Gajesingh Kabalana, Deputy Mayor Sunita Yadav, Councilor Hemant Sen and Joint Commissioner Indrajit Kulhadia launched the Swachh Nagar mobile app from Sector 38.

The app prepared by the Union government is being implemented on a pilot project by the civic body .

In Sector 38, from where the app was launched, two garbage collecting vehicles have been inducted to lift wet and dry waste separately from every household.

According to an MCG official, drivers of the vehicles will have the app in their mobile phones. Barcodes have been placed in all the houses in the sector. 

Explaining about the functioning of the app, SS Rohilla, Public Relation Officer of the MCG said as soon as the garbage vehicle arrives near a house, the driver will scan the home barcode with the Swachh Nagar mobile app and enter details like type of waste collected, dry, wet or mixed, whether the door was locked or the owners refused to give waste. 

“All the information will immediately reach the senior officials of the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry and the MCG. Training has also been given to all the drivers regarding the use of the mobile app,” he added. 

The highlight of this system is that as soon as the garbage vehicle starts collecting the garbage, the information about the time of arrival of the vehicle will be given to the citizens of the sector via SMS. 

The citizens will also get the details entered by the driver in the app after picking up the garbage. "It will enable better monitoring of the lifting of garbage on a real-time basis. Citizens will also be able to complain about the waste pickup through this app," said Rohilla.