This is how Nirvana Country is set to become a zero-waste housing society

By Anil Manchanda
Photo: Anil Manchanda
Posted: Jul 18, 2016

Nirvana Country, a residential society in Sector 50, Gurgaon, is all set to become the first zero-waste housing society of the city as it plans to set up two treatment plants in its premises – one to convert kitchen and horticulture waste into compost and the other, costing two crore rupees, to treat sewage.

The system would be inaugurated on August 15. The Residents’ Welfare Association said that the township generates about three tons of green waste daily and, with a mechanism to treat it, the housing society would produce almost 1,000 kg of compost daily. “This compost will be used in parks and trees in the common areas of the township. Residents can buy the rest at a nominal cost,” said Sanu Kapila, president of the RWA.

Polythene bags would be banned within the society and vendors in the township would be barred from using them. Residents have also been asked to segregate waste at their houses. In order to discourage the use of polythene bags, bins would be provided to the people. An e-waste collection drive is already being conducted in the township on Sundays.

Varun Gupta, a resident, said, “There is no proper mechanism for waste disposal in Gurgaon. Garbage keeps piling up at landfill sites. We hope these efforts will inspire others to follow.”

About the sewage treatment plant, Kapila said, “It will help us produce 3 to 4 lakh litres of water every day. It will be used to water trees and plants in the common areas. The local administration has offered to provide land and technical help for setting up the STP (Sewage Treatment Plant).”

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