Shipra Krishna Vista AOA poll turns out one-sided affair
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Shipra Krishna Vista AOA poll turns out one-sided affair

Absentee team threatens to challenge elections in the court.

Shipra Krishna Vista AOA poll turns out one-sided affair

Ghaziabad: After getting a go-ahead from an Allahabad High Court order, Shipra Krishna Vista elected office bearers of apartment owners' association (AOA) on Friday. The elections were held in the premises of the highrise in Indirapuram.

However, as one of the contending teams remained conspicuously absent, the elections turned out to be a one-sided affair. Amit Agarwal, a member of the abstaining team ascribed it to a communication gap.

He said the contestants were formally informed about the polls by deputy registrar on phone hours before the elections around 12 pm. “All our team members are officegoers. How could they make it at such short notice? The deputy registrar should have informed us well in advance.” 

The elections are conducted in society after a gap of two years. The last elections which were held in 2018 ended up in a dispute between two contesting teams. The authenticity of the election was challenged in the high court. 

However, the court ordered the deputy registrar to conduct the elections in its office on February 28, which was again challenged a day before the elections. Mahapatra challenged the direction and pleaded for a change of venue for the election from the DR office to the society premises. 

The court accepted the request and ordered DR to conduct the election in the society itself. Later, the team of Mahapatra stayed away from the election. 

Meanwhile, Arun Rai, a member of the winning team, alleged that the team of Mahapatra was offering excuses. They very well know they would have faced defeat even if they had appeared during the voting. 

Meanwhile, the team of Mahapatra said that they might challenge the election in the court.