Sare Homes RWA takes measure to cope with coronavirus
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Sare Homes RWA takes measure to cope with coronavirus

As the nation under lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus

Sare Homes RWA takes measure to cope with coronavirus

As the nation under lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, the residents’ welfare association of Sare Homes located in sector 92 is taking a slew of measures to ensure the security and essential supply to its residents.

From barring the entry of any visitors to the society, enforcing social distancing inside the society premises, opening in-house vegetables and fruits shop, ensuring essential services for the smooth functioning of day-to-day affairs among other steps that the RWA management has taken to limit the spread of coronavirus.

They are testing every individual at the entrance through a software-based check-up system to detect the body vitals including thermal, cold, cough, anxiety, etc. The management has distributed masks and hand-sanitizers to vendors which are providing essential services to society. They have issued a pass to all the essential service providers and adopt alternate working days to ensure that no physical contact among them.

The RWA has also extended a helping hand to those who are in self-isolation in the society and providing every essential need at their doorstep.

“We are in regular contact with the district administration ensuring the safety of residents. We have taken several steps to ensure that there is no panic among the residents during the lockdown. We have a grocery store and medical shop inside the society premises, however, considering the current situation we made a temporary arrangement and requested a local vendor to open vegetable and fruit shop to meet the daily needs of the residents.” said Praveen Malik, RWA President of Sare Homes.

For those who came out of their home to purchase groceries and vegetables, the RWA management drew the circles on the floor so that people keep social distancing among them. The local police are also appealing to the residents to stay at home and ensure their and others' safety in mind.

The RWA has imposed a fine of Rs 500 if anyone found strolling in the common area just to ensure that people do not roam around unnecessarily and stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Around 1200 families are residing here and this is a precautionary measure to ensure that people stay at home and not wander freely inside the society as it may lead others to come outside their home which will defeat the very purpose of lockdown and social distancing. Fines will be imposed for the first time and if the residents do not adhere to the rules then we will force to file a complaint to police against them. We have issued the circular informing the residents about the same.” said Malik.