Delhi: Coronavirus situation continues to exacerbate with record single-day jump
Delhi: Coronavirus situation continues to exacerbate with record single-day jump
Ashish Ranjan
Delhi: Coronavirus situation continues to exacerbate with record single-day jump
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Delhi: Coronavirus situation continues to exacerbate with record single-day jump

New Delhi: Delhi on Wednesday registered 4,473 new cases, which was the highest single-day spike so far. With this, the cumulative tally reached 2,30,269 in the national capital. The previous highest single-day spike was 4,321 cases. It was recorded on Saturday last week. In the last eight days, more than 4,000 new cases have been recorded in seven days. 

Delhi had registered 4,263 cases on Tuesday, 3,229 cases on Monday, 4,235 cases on Sunday, 4,321 cases on Saturday, 4,266 cases on Friday, 4,308 cases on Thursday and 4,039 cases on Wednesday. The record of highest single-day spike was broken on Saturday, Thursday and Wednesday. Before the recent upsurge, the earlier record of 3,947 new cases were recorded on June 23.       

The new cases have increased with the increase in tests in the national capital. The data suggested that the tests have been significantly ramped up since the beginning of this month. As the cases started increasing again, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that testing would be increased. Later, the Delhi government made several arrangements to test as many people as they can. 

Here are the number of tests conducted and the respective fresh cases being registered in the period of September 1-15: 14,389 (1,358); 20,437 (2,024); 24,198 (2,312); 28,835 (2,509); 32,834 (2,737); 36,219 (2,914) 38,895 (2,973); 36,046 (3,256); 22,954 (2,077); 45,797 (3,609); 54,517 (4,039); 58,340 (4,308); 60,580 (4,266); 60,076 (4,321); 56,656 (4,235); 44,884 (3,229) and 62,669 (4,263). On Wednesday, 62,593 tests were conducted in the national capital. 

The fatalities due to coronavirus has also increased in Delhi of late. On Wednesday, 33 deaths were reported, increasing the death toll to 4,839. Between September 9 and 16, 221 deaths have been reported with a daily average of 28 deaths. 

With the increase in the cases, the occupancy of ICU beds has gone up in both public and private hospitals which are designated for coronavirus patients. On Wednesday, 752 out of 1,235 ICU beds with ventilator support were occupied. It reflected 61 per cent occupancy. However, 913 out of the total 1,394 ICU beds without ventilator support were occupied in the city. It showed 65 per cent occupancy.

New cases again outnumbered the recoveries. It has been happening on a consistent basis except on Monday. 3,313 patients recovered from the deadly disease in the last 24 hours. Now, a total of 1,94,516 patients have recovered in the city.

The number of recoveries on a single day has gone up of late. It has been above 3,000 in the last few days. The recovery rate slightly dropped to 84.47 per cent from 84.67 per cent on the previous day. There was an increase in the recovery rate on Monday. The recovery rate is also continuously going downwards. It has come down after going past the 90 per cent mark earlier and being there for many days.

The active cases again rose by more than 1,000 in Delhi on Wednesday. With an increase of 1,127, the total number of active cases increased to 30,914. Except Monday, the active cases have risen by more than 1,000 continuously in the last few days. Active cases had gone down below 10,000 mark earlier and maintained there for a long period before rising again.

Meanwhile, the initial results of the third serological survey conducted in the city have come out. It showed that nearly 33 per cent of the Delhi’s population has in all possibility developed antibodies. 17,000 samples were collected in the last serological survey. The outcome of the survey is likely to be officially announced next week.

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