Noida: Highrise residents complain water shortage
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Noida: Highrise residents complain water shortage

The Noida authority is carrying out cleaning of the main water line work causing supply disruption.

Noida: Highrise residents complain water shortage

Noida: Residents of several high rises in Noida on Monday complained about the water shortage in their respective residential towers and societies. They complained that their water taps are running dry from yesterday, disrupting routine lives in their societies.

Arun Sharma, President of Apartment Owners Association, Supertech Capetown in Sector 74, said that residents of few residential towers are complaining about the short supply as the water supply by Noida Industrial Development Authority is under annual maintenance. The authority is carrying out cleaning of the main supply line work due to which it supplies water partly, he said.

Sharma complained that though it is known that the authority would carry out de-silting of water supply line during the ongoing month, an alternate arrangement should have been made to avoid the issue of water shortage. But neither the authority nor developer of the society initiated any action to manage the scarcity.

He said, "The developer, who is currently looking after the essential service in the society, is fully dependent on water supply by the authority. They have not done anything to manage it despite a prior intimation before the disruption of water supply." "It is now causing problems for residents, which could have been avoided if the developer or the authority would have made an alternate arrangement," he said.

Residents of Mahagun Moderne, another high rise in Sector 78, Noida made a similar complaint about water shortage. They said that they are forced to utilize water stored for emergency or dousing fire in society.

Sandeep Singh, President of Apartment Owners Association, Mahagun Moderne said, "To manage the scarcity, we are supplying water stored in tanks, which is reserved for the only emergency like a fire. But these tanks are also getting empty in few hours as there is supply disruption from the main water supply line. We are also ordering water tankers from local villages to meet the demand."

Owing to the problem faced by the residents, they have demanded that authority should work on projects that should provide an alternate option to solve the problem as the cleaning of the main supply line is an annual work and it takes almost a month's time to get over. If a proper arrangement is made, this kind of problem can be avoided, residents suggested.