Residents remind Noida Authority for alternate arrangement of water supply
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Residents remind Noida Authority for alternate arrangement of water supply

Residents are also urging the higher officials of authority to make an alternate arrangement.

Residents remind Noida Authority for alternate arrangement of water supply

Noida: Residents of Noida on Monday wrote to Ritu Maheshwari, Chief Executive Officer of Noida Authority, reminding that an alternate arrangement should be made to deal with shortage of water supply during the festival season.

In a strongly worded letter, the residents said that water scarcity in Noida seems to be taking a formidable form these days. City dwellers are forced to bear the brunt of water problem every year around Dussehra, Diwali, Govardhan, Bhai Dooj etc, which are the biggest Hindu festivals.

The letter says that despite frequent requests made by residents and their associations in the past, neither the government nor the Noida Authority has made any changes in the schedule of cleaning of the Ganga canal. None of them have made alternative arrangements like preparing a water reservoir for emergency situations, which residents face every year.

Sanjeev Kumar, Vice President of district development resident welfare association said that the residents of almost all the residential pockets in Noida are in chaos due to lack of water supply these days. They started facing this problem every day shortly after cleaning of supply line few days ago. 

Residents are also urging the higher officials of Noida Authority to make an alternate arrangement. But it seems the authority is unable to supply water to them. The authorities are requested to supply at least two hours of water every day to the residents so that they do not have to face trouble. But all this could only be possible if the right steps are in place to avoid the water supply disruption.

Kumar said, “Every year, it is emphasised by various institutions of the city that the authority should make proper arrangements in the midst of shortage of water when the Ganga water is not supplied due to cleaning of the canal. But as soon as the festival season comes, the authority gets busy with other works. Such attitude of the authority towards water supply, which is a basic need of every resident, is really a cause of concern.  In Noida, the authority is not being able to supply potable water to its residents till date.”

The current crisis has forced the residents of Noida to install RO system for purifying water to meet the daily needs. It is burdening the residents as they have to spend approximately Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,500 per month for getting clean drinking water. As the lockdown is in progress due to ongoing pandemic, it hits each section of the society. Everyone cannot afford this recurring expenses.

The authority also collects a large amount of water bill from the residents. It is the responsibility of the authority to supply potable water to the residents. But it failed in fulfilling its responsibility.

Kumar said that DD RWA condemns the Noida Authority and their attitude towards water scarcity and would like to request the CEO of Noida Authority to take cognizance of the water problem.

He suggested that the schedule of cleaning the Ganga canal during the festive period should be postponed. It should not be around a month before or after 1 month of these important festivals.  He said, “We also requested the CEO to instruct official of Jal division to take necessary steps for supply of potable water.”