Alarmed residents report dead birds from two new locations in Dwarka
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Alarmed residents report dead birds from two new locations in Dwarka

Residents are frequently contacting the doctors on the bird flu helpline number.

Alarmed residents report dead birds from two new locations in Dwarka

Dwarka: Community people are finding dead birds in Dwarka. They are sharing their information in WhatsApp groups to make others aware. Also, they are frequently contacting the doctors on the helpline number provided by Delhi government to report the incident.

In a group of environment conscious residents in Sector 23, there were a couple of information about dead birds. A dead crow was found at the park of Sector 23 near the water body. There was also information of four dead birds inside a society in Sector 3.

At Sector 23 DDA Park, a dead crow was found by a resident of Pochanpur in Sector 23 Vijender Singh. He said, “About four-five days back, I found a dead crow in the park. On suggestions of friends, I buried it. Now I came to know that such dead birds are also being reported in other parks of Dwarka and that it might be due to some disease.”

In another message, a resident of Sector 3, Pocket 16, Devesh Mundepi shared in the group informing the death of four birds. He said, “On the morning of January 8, the carcasses of three crows were found in the society. Immediately, we reported the incident on the Delhi bird flu helpline, but no team of doctors visited the apartment to take the samples. Next morning, we spotted a dead pond heron in our pocket and again matter was reported on the helpline.” 

“In the evening, two doctors from Palam veterinary hospital visited our pocket to see those dead birds. Senior doctor informed us that they can only take samples of a bird that is sick but alive. As the number of dead birds is small, hence they advised us to bury the birds three feet below the ground along with some limestone powder. They provided us with limestone powder. We followed the advice by the doctor and did the same,” he concluded.

Both these incidents were not in limelight. The authorities only reported dead crows from the DDA parks in sectors 9 and 5, Dwarka. Residents said that all the parks and green areas must be inspected properly to get whether there are more such dead birds. 

An environment activist from Dwarka, Diwan singh said, “The authority must be vigilant in this matter and more information should be shared from them and the community as well. It is our collective duty to make all aware and take precautionary measures. People must share any such information of dead birds found anywhere in the area.”