Astrology, Vastu tips for peace of mind and good health
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Astrology, Vastu tips for peace of mind and good health

Living with the constant fear of health has a direct impact on an individual's earning source

Astrology, Vastu tips for peace of mind and good health

New Delhi: In our culture, women are the epitome of  ADI SHAKTI, primordial cosmic energy. Still, women feel destroyed many times due to various societal pressures or karma life throws at them. But if you look at the larger picture Adishakti is the same energy that helps you to perform your daily tasks. Energy to create something, that very creative energy that flows through an artist, energy to maintain balance, energy to fight, or energy to tolerate.

A woman goes through a lot in her daily routine. She gets bogged down a lot of time due to patriarchy, sexism, racism, economic inequality, the lack of respect for caregiving, or just basic health issues. Rather most women give up their navigation between career and motherhood. Healthy and peaceful frames of mind are of extreme importance for a woman in today's life of countless societal pressures.

You might be living in the plushest house, but it's not necessary that you'll always be in the correct frame of mind to enjoy that luxury. The social pressures and stresses have forced many of us to compromise with our happiness and peace of mind. A woman makes a house a home. She strikes a balance between her social and personal responsibilities as she shoulders a wide variety of delicate tasks at home. So, the woman of the house plays an important role in Vaastu Shastra.

But what if I tell you that by following a few tips and Vastu remedies you can pull up yourself, live healthily, and enjoy peace of mind to handle stress. Additionally, you could feel more confident and supported. Nothing can be more effective than praying to lord shiva for calmness in life and practicing faith and belief. Avoid shades of red, pink, dustbin, old newspapers, and kitchen in the north-east as these objects create negative thinking, it is proven by documented research in Vastu.

A Vastu defect like cut in the north-east region of the house directly leads to mental instability and bad health. Avoid keeping dustbins or toilets in this region and ensure it is clutter-free. Even a septic tank or a kitchen can give you mental unrest and a bad stomach respectively. Use more water-related elements in the north-east. For example, use of blue colour in any form like curtains or flowing water paintings. And, if you can't do any of these, you can choose to keep a photo of yours in a blue frame over there.

Having excessive plants in the east direction or extended east portion can cause negative mental health issues. Choose a plot with a balanced and full north-east zone. Excessive extension in the north-west and or in the south-east direction can cause frustration and depression.

Having a water element in the south-east region originally depicts the fire element and can lead to disturbance in mental peace. For example, a silver, grey, or black colour in the south and south-east zone would weaken the fire element. Your body would show symptoms of bad health like diabetes, fear, and disrupt the flow of income causing trouble in marital relationships. So remove grey or black colour from the south direction.

Proper Vastu in the south region of a house contributes to the peace and confidence of the inhabitants. The red colour in the south enhances comfort levels. The south-west region of the home is an important region for mental stability. It ensures stability, leadership, and vigilance which can be achieved by having the master bedroom in this region. The region of west-north is a zone of depression. The presence of a bedroom or long exposures in this region can lead to a series of failures. It ultimately leads to frustration and depression.

Deep breathing during meditation, practicing nothingness can be of great help irrespective of dasha (astrological planetary period) you go through. Nothingness is the practice of not thinking, stopping your mind from over-analysis or crying over painful moments of the past. Whether you exercise or not, stretching your body can balance feelings of restlessness which is a consequence of an imbalance of the air element.