Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | Feb 28 - March 6
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Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | Feb 28 - March 6

Confused about your sign? Read here to know more

Weekly astro-predictions based on ascendant signs | Feb 28 - March 6

There are three ways you can look at your weekly astro prediction. One is your moon sign, another your sun sign, and third is your ascendant sign. And if you are new to these concepts and ruminating which sign you should look at as your weekly prediction, then I recommend the ascendant sign. 

To make it simple for you, the ascendant sign is your rising sign in the birth chart, which reflects your physical world. When you read predictions according to the ascendant, it resonates more in real life. 

There are multiple free software available online via which you can check your ascendant sign. Just enter your date of birth details. For instance, try this one below: https://www.astrosage.com/free/rising-ascendant-calculator.asp

Astrology, also touted as a miraculous tool, helps one get future insights and if used right, it can also help us navigate our lives’ purpose. And beat this: if we plan our schedules accordingly, we can create good fortune irrespective of the planetary period. 

It helps you save your energy, directing your focus inwards and deliberately letting your mind wander. 


Your weekend begins with the moon in the Leo sign, connoting that you may meet your friends and family or just enjoy some time with them. The overall week seems to be good and tension-free. Just watch out for mood swings and keep your emotions under check. Kids could become your focal point of concern. 

During mid-week, your energy level would increase. Your work and career would become a priority and thus giving you recognition at the workplace. Keep your diet under check as you may become prone to either eating a lot or leaving it altogether. So strike a healthy balance and avoid eating out. Overall health will be good with no major concerns. 

At the end of the week, you will let go of a lot of things. Meditation and prayers will help you glide over multiple situations. Finances will improve and a change of job is on the cards.


Weekend starts with your focus around your home and dealing with government, legal or official work. Mid-week proves to be happy and more satisfactory as far as your work situation and partnership are concerned. Some advancements in professional life will be seen. 

A wish-fulfillment is on the cards. The promise of good health is seen, you will navigate your way to supportive treatment. However, on the weekend of March 5-6, you may witness some friction or difference in opinion with your business partner or a life partner. However, if you learn to let go it would settle in your favor.


From Feb 28 to March 2, travel is on the cards for multiple reasons. The transformation time has begun, and you are more intuitive than ever. Pray more and learn to slow down and relax this week. 

The singles will have luck in communicating with new people. Long-distance travel for work keeps you busy throughout the week. You may witness a stroke of luck when a new work opportunity arrives. Sudden gains are on the cards.

The end of the week will separate you from the status quo as mercury also has gone forward and will be changing nakshatra around the end of the week. 


The tenth house lord Mars is in your eleventh house with Rahu which will keep you on the move. Progress is on the cards and focus this week remains on travel and wealth accumulation. Keep a tab on your eating habits. If you are in business and planning a partnership it will fructify this week.

You will have a hectic schedule and will be too occupied in your endeavors. Those who have been thinking about starting their own business should make a move now as you will be benefited from favorable results. Health will be satisfactory but love life may go through a tiny rough patch at the end of the week.


Mercury in house 6 will help you get the investors you were looking for your business this week. Those who were looking for a job will get a respectable job which will prove to be satisfactory.

Health concerns may bother you, however, nothing major in this week will happen. Though the focus would be your career and reputation for two full weeks. Yet you shouldn't ignore your health.

Love life may take a dip as your partner may try to dominate you making you spend more than you usually do.


Those who are looking for work opportunities or are planning to switch jobs should apply during this period. The working professionals will be benefited during this time. Also, natives searching for a job will get desired proposals.

The writers and journalists may see growth and success in their careers. Eventually, they can expect a sudden blessing or soul satisfaction during this week. Spirituality will be your focal point 

you may visit a temple or place of worship this week. Long-distance travel is on the cards by mid-week.

Travel undertaken will be successful and will beget gains. Spend some time with your father for relationship bonding and strengthening Jupiter. Gains from father and family are on the cards. People employed in the marketing and accountancy sector will have a better time after mid-week.


The week starts with a wish-fulfillment or liquid gains. Cash will come in handy for Librans. Your business will be on the quick move but productivity will vary from day today. However, the focus would remain on house 8, where Mars and Rahu are sitting, especially by mid-week.

You may invest in insurance policies or gains through business partnerships. Be careful before you sign a legal deal. Watch out for aches and pains. Throat issues may crop up during mid-week so drink warm water and practice caution during change of weather or end of the week.

Sun will be in the fifth house with Venus which indicates that you will be earning plenty during this week. During this time you will incur expenditure by paying off your loan, bills, or debt if any.


With Sun and Venus in house fourth of your chart, it's your time to shine. You will get name and fame due to your nature of work. Your week begins with your mind on work by mid-week you will be on the side of gains.

Your focus would remain on business partnerships or serious partnerships which will prove to be a benediction. You will have a good ambiance at your workplace and home, ensuring smooth functioning. This period is excellent for the business personnel especially if you work with overseas clients.


The sum of the whole week would surround your daily routine and job. You may plan a vacation in order to nurture your mind and overall health. Frequent work-related travels are seen. Gains in job situations are likely.

With your ascendant lord sitting in house two of your chart, it is your time for family expansion or family trip for those who have passed the stage of marriage. Change of place or transfer is very strong on the cards. Media professionals or people in the communication work field will do good 

your work will be appreciated.


Mars and Rahu are in house five of your chart. You would want to focus on gambling and feel more passion for love affairs or extramarital affairs. Tread carefully as it may dent your image further. However, there are some strong financial gains on the cards.

If you were waiting for the right opportunity by the end of the week you will get a new opportunity. With Ketu in your house 11 and mercury in Lagna, sudden gains through new job opportunities are seen. Watch out for health concerns and some friction with partners are seen during this week.  


You are the star this week with the sun in house one of your charts — you will shine bright. Fame is on the cards. Though there could be some water, water purifier, or water tap-related problems at home, but how does that matter when you are in your happy space?

However, Aquarius natives may not have a stable economic life during this week. Jupiter will be in your twelfth house with Saturn which implies that your expenditure will be higher than your earnings during this time. Avoid rash decisions and sudden strokes of anger at home. Good time to invest in gold as a remedy for you to attain fame and save money.


The career prospects seem reasonable during this week. By the end of the week, Jupiter will change its nakshatra causing many running under its Dasha to undertake travel or vacation. Your little efforts in your work will pay you good returns.

Sun is in house twelve indicating good times to invest and strong indication for long-distance travel. Monetary gains will be seen during the end of the week. Planets indicate that you are in party mode right now, feel the bliss.

Meditation and prayers will protect you from black magic, listen to Shiv Raksha stotram. Promotion at work is seen with good monetary gains. You may change your job or work profile during this time. You may also face some indigestion and gastric troubles which can be cured with home treatments.