Driver's body found inside cab in Sector 9, Dwarka

A man takes pictures of the car in which the dead body was found in Sector 9, Dwarka.
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Aug 11, 2016

The body of a cab driver was found in his car parked in Sector 9, Dwarka, on Thursday morning.

Onlookers noticed that the Swift Dzire car was parked in Sector 9 right in front of Sargodha Apartments, Sector 7, for the past two days. When they looked inside, they found the body of Mahesh Sharma, a cab driver, in the back seat.

The police was called and the body was taken out. As the doors of the car were locked from inside, the car’s windows had to be broken.

One of the deceased's relatives identified the body and said that Sharma had left his house two days ago. Police officials on the spot said that the body had already started to decompose and there was a foul smell in the area. The police has sent the body for post-mortem and an investigation is under way.

Residents from Sector 7 and Sector 9 gathered at the spot in large numbers. MM Pandita, a resident of Sri Ganesh society in Sector 7, said, "Law and order in the city is at its worst. A cab is parked at a spot for two days and the police don't smell anything fishy. What has happened is sad and has raised several questions about security in the sub-city. Though it is not clear whether it is a case of murder or natural death, what matters is that there was a dead man in a car on a busy stretch for two whole days and nobody notices!"

One resident from Sargodha Apartments said that cabs were often found parked under trees in front of societies, and that they should be checked by the police regularly. The incident has raised many concerns in people’s minds, besides the question about what really happened in this case.


Residents and passers-by gather at the spot where the body was found.

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