Cyclists bear the brunt of snatchers at Akshardham
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Cyclists bear the brunt of snatchers at Akshardham

Many riders end up with bruised knees, elbows, and shoulders

Cyclists bear the brunt of snatchers at Akshardham

As the incidents of mobile snatching in Delhi continue to stay on the rise, more and more cyclists seem to be drawing the short end of the stick. Many riders have been assaulted in a bid to snatch phones by criminals at Akshardham.

Dwarka Cyclist Club, a cyclist group, raised the issue and claimed that many riders have already filed a complaint regarding the same.

Neeraj Prabhakar, a resident of Dwarka, filed an FIR on October 3 last year at Pandav Nagar police station after his mobile phone was snatched near Akshardham while he was cycling. He said, “Mobile snatching near Akshardham is becoming rampant. I remember seeing their faces."

After a month of this incident, Tarun Sethi, another rider, was badly hurt by two bikers. The snatchers on bike tried to drag his cycle in an attempt to snatch his phone. The incident took place at 7:30 am on Akshardham's main road. During the assault, Sethi bruised his knees. There were injuries on his left shoulder, chest, and palms. Sethi’s bicycle was also damaged. He said, “This happens regularly at Akshardham. Manhy cyclists will support this statement. These mobile/chain snatchers have no  fear."

When CitySpidey tried to contact the SHO of Pandav Nagar, he refused to share any information related to the action taken by them.