Vastu for the master bedroom: Why meals should not be taken on the bed
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Vastu for the master bedroom: Why meals should not be taken on the bed

Here’s a quick guide to making your bedroom a place to relax, reflect and recharge your batteries.

Vastu for the master bedroom: Why meals should not be taken on the bed

There's no place quite like the bedroom to relax after a hard day's work. So it is important to have a bedroom that makes us feel comfortable and refreshed.

The master bedroom is is usually the largest and typically occupied by the head, or heads, of the family. Vastu plays an important role in determining the design of the master bedroom. The way you sleep and where you place the bed are decisions that should be taken with the utmost care.

Here are a few Vastu tips to help you create a great master bedroom for yourself:

  • The master bedroom should always be in the south-west corner of the house. The direction represents the Earth element, which implies heaviness, making it the ideal place for the head of the family. 
  • It should always be bigger than the other rooms of the house.
  • The bed should be placed near the south or the west wall, so while sleeping, the person’s head is towards the south or the west and the legs towards the north or the east.
  • Sleeping with your legs towards the east or the north brings fame and wealth.
  • Avoid sleeping with your legs towards the south, as it may lead to bad dreams and disturbed sleep.
  • The bathroom should not face the bed and the door of the bathroom should always be kept closed.
  • There should be a solid wall behind the bed; avoid big windows in particular, as your sleep may get disrupted by the sounds coming from outside.
  • The bedroom should not share a wall with the kitchen, as the shared wall absorbs heat from the kitchen, which, in turn, hampers the quality of sleep. Also, sounds such as the refrigerator door opening, clinking of dishes and the flowing of water may lead to disturbed sleep.
  • Heavy wardrobes should be kept in the south-west corner of the room.
  • The dressing table should be kept along the north or the east wall.
  • A mirror should be avoided in the bedroom, but if it is there, it must be kept in a position that does not allow any part of your body reflected in it while you are sleeping. 
  • Any reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and televisions, should be covered at night while sleeping.
  • Most of us are addicted to our smartphones, and staring at this artificial light right before we sleep is bad for us, so electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops and TV remotes, should be placed away from your body while sleeping.
  • Odd decorative items, such as animal heads, should not be displayed in the bedroom.
  • Hang a pleasant painting on the wall in front of the bed, so that is one of the first things you see in the morning.
  • When choosing colours for your bedroom, don't go for very bright colours. Instead, opt for warm, pastel shades, which will make the room more relaxing and help you sleep.
  • Things such as an aquarium or a water fountain should not be placed in the bedroom, as water is an unstable element and can cause instability in your life.
  • Meals should not be taken in the bedroom, particularly on the bed, as it negatively impacts health.
  • According to feng shui, a Bagua mirror should be placed outside the bedroom to protect it from negative energies.