Dwarka RWAs reluctant to celebrate Holi due to Covid
Dwarka RWAs reluctant to celebrate Holi due to Covid
Kashika Manhas
Dwarka RWAs reluctant to celebrate Holi due to Covid
Photo: CitySpidey

Dwarka RWAs reluctant to celebrate Holi due to Covid

Dwarka: The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for people not only because of the isolation but because people were not able to celebrate festivals with their close ones.

The festival of Holi is a very intimate celebration, so naturally the majority of people are scared to celebrate the festival of colors in the times of Covid. Last year, United Residents Joint Action (URJA) had issued advisory against organising any public engagements during the festival in New Delhi. This year's situation seems to be the same as many societies in Dwarka are refusing to celebrate Holi.

KS Bhati, President of Ganpati Apartments in Sector 9, Dwarka said, “We had a meeting regarding this and we decided that Holika Dahan will be celebrated in our society maintaining social distancing. Masks would be worn at all times and we'll distribute some sweets amongst ourselves. We won't be playing with colours though.”

Mohini Sharma, President of Suruchi Apartments in Sector 10, Dwarka said in her quote, “The residents of our society will be celebrating Holi with their families only. People who wish to visit their families will be sanitised before they the entry.”

Vinod Sharma, the Vice Chairman of RWA Indraprastha Enclave said in his quote to CitySpidey, “We are not celebrating Holi this time at all. The government passed a circular as well. It is not safe to play Holi in the times of Covid.”

However Madhu Dagar, a woman MC member of the Crescent Apartments in Sector 17, Dwarka told CitySpidey in her quote, “The situation in our apartments is very dicey. Half of the members want to celebrate Holi but the other half doesn't think of it as a wise option. They are expecting a Holi celebration now and we'll have to do so.”

Some people still seem hesitant about celebrating Holi in public or with masses however there are people who are willing to look beyond the safety of social distancing.