The Tibetan momos and its many moods
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The Tibetan momos and its many moods

From coconut to Oreo fillings, the Tibetan dish is now being reinvented to suit an array of palates

The Tibetan momos and its many moods

New Delhi: Momos, the bite-sized appetisers can be found in every corner of the city. This Tibetan dish trickled down from Tibet to Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling and surrounding areas, all of which have their own versions. They are minimalistic and ingredients comprise basic stuff found around the house in Tibet – ginger, onion and meat. In Nepal, they add some spices to the stuffing.

In an era where everyone is trying to be as innovative as possible and 'fusion' food is the 'in thing', the steamed dumpling has also undergone several changes. Tandoori momos are passe, and people are indulging in butter chicken momos, schezwan momos, oreo momos, korma momos, and every possible combination you can think of.

Fusion food means evolution of a dish because of its growing popularity. People in Delhi love momos, so they thought why not fuse the two or make tandoori momos, Afghani momos, malabi and many more.

Let’s have a look at all these fusion momos

1. Tandoori momos

One of the most loved variant is the Tandoori Momo (momos grilled in a tandoor). A North Indian Tadka given to this Tibetan delicacy, results in one of the best fusion foods of recent times.

2. Momos in Chilli Garlic Sauce

Steamed and juicy momos tossed in a fiery hot garlic sauce is an absolutely delightful treat for those who are craving something spicy.

3. Afghani Malai Momos

If you happen to be a fan of tandoori momos, it is quite likely fusion that you would love these creamy versions too. The roasted dumpling is slathered with yogurt, cream, fresh coriander leaves and some ground spices.

4. Schezwan Momos

This fusion is pan fried momos tossed in spicy schezwan sauce. Hot, juicy and moist, this spice-fest is something reminds you of chilli Chinese dishes.

5. Mozerella Cheese Momos

Cheese lovers, raise your hand! Bursting with melted mozzarella, this fusion with cheesy dumplings is for real and available across several outlets in New Delhi.

6. Pizza Momos

The pizza fusion to momos is being stuffed with cheese and vegetarian pizza topping options and tastes like pizzas served at small bakeries. It's served with a cheesy dip.

7. Oreo Momos

This momo is stuffed with an oreo biscuit and some chocolate sauce, usually, Nutella steamed and then fried. It's served with chocolate sauce and can be paired with vanilla ice cream.

8. Coconut Momos

The coconut version is steamed and stuffed with dry coconut, which is powdered and mixed with vegetables and paneer. As it steams, it becomes creamy on the inside as the coconut oil oozes out and helps the vegetables and paneer to cook and mix. This fusion version is served with a spicy coconut dip.

Today, momos have become an all-season, any time, and any reason snack. Let us know do you like experimenting on food.

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Deepanshu Manral
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