Here's what to expect this week
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Here's what to expect this week

Weekly Astro Predictions April 19- April 25

Here's what to expect this week

Major Transits

There are no major transits of planets this week. 

Mercury and Venus will transit to Bharani Nakshatra 

Mars will ingress to Ardra Nakshatra.

Festivals this week

20 April -Durga Ashtami

21 April - Ram Navami, Tara Jayanti

23 April - Kamada Ekadashi

24 April - Shani Trayodashi, Vamana Dwadashi

25 April - Mahavir Swami Jayanti


You are full of courage and confidence at the start of the week. You will spend more time on the internet than usual, utilise it to strengthen your relationship with your sibling. You will be inclined towards reading books. Avoid gambling.  Keep an account of your expenditure which is not in your control. There can be extra expenditures this week. Avoid stress and practice mindfulness.

Week starts with good career prospects. Write and research professionals will do good. You may not feel happy about your creative work. You would want to spend time with your family, as stars support your emotional fulfillment at home.

Good time to strengthen your connections. Travel is on the cards, avoid conflict with a partner at the start of the week. Good numbers for people in business. Software developers will see the accomplishment of goals and gains.

Avoid verbal conflict. You need to spend time with your partner and work on your relationship. Your partner will do good at the workplace. Mid-week is good for the money. With mars in your house 12, travel carefully and look after your health.


You may sign new agreements. Or if you were waiting for legal decisions, stars are in your favour. You may need to shell out money more than usual. Take advice from a spiritual guru or your mentor.  Alternatively, you are more philosophical this week. Practice meditation and chant almighty’s name. 

You may feel a loss of vitality and vibrance during the start of the week. You are unharmed and protected. During mid-week, you see gains and wish fulfillment. Maintaining a daily journal will be of help. Write your accounts and all activities you did during the day.


Week starts happy with friends around you. You are shining at your workplace. Read all the documents twice and carefully before you sign.


Week starts with a lack of energy or mental conflict. You are not happy and satisfied with something around your work. You may sell a property. You may travel to expand your work. spending too much time on the internet will not set your perspective right. Allow yourself some time. Change of place, work transfers are indicated. 


This week starts with gains and you feel full of energy. You will advise a lot of people this week. You feel inclined towards spirituality and some people may get to travel abroad for work reasons.


You get good numbers for money and health as the week starts. Ego tussles may spoil your relationship. Rise above petty issues. You may have to spend more on your property this week. 


Week starts on a happy note in the company of your siblings. You may watch movies together or spend time on internet calls. Good time to sell your investments for gains; if you are in the stock market. A risk taken may settle in your favour. 


You will stay engaged in work connected to your home, more than a usual situation. Detachment will help you maintain your sanity. Your travel plans may get canceled. Gains from family wealth. Money savings are supported. You would want to spend some romantic time with your partner.