'Being Social - Ek Nai Shuruat' Empowering through education
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'Being Social - Ek Nai Shuruat' Empowering through education

City NGO conducts online training on busting menstrual myths, normalising periods

'Being Social - Ek Nai Shuruat' Empowering through education

Periods are natural. Bleeding doesn’t make women impure, dirty, or sinful. It's said that those who are empowered are those who empower. 'Being Social – Ek Nai Shuruat' is one non-profit organisation, which has been working on an initiative to break the myths and taboos surrounding periods.

The NGO intends to make rural women aware of menstrual hygiene. This initiative has been in place since 2017 to normalise periods under the name – Carefree Laado. This program has benefitted more than 8,772 women across the country.

On Sunday, when Delhi was under a weekend curfew, the NGO conducted a virtual training session for housewives and working ladies from Delhi-NCR communities. The session was focused to train the participants so that they can take forward the league of normalising periods even during the pandemic in their own circles. 

The session started with an awareness talk, in which the volunteers focus on clarifying the myths related to menstruation. The talk session described periods, causes of periods, duration of periods, puberty, etc. 

Later in the session, there was a session about the dietary care women should maintain to keep themselves healthy throughout and the measures that can reduce menstrual cramps and pain.

Following the talk session, there was an interactive discussion where the participants talked about periods - dil se.

More than 25 women joined the training session. They participated enthusiastically throughout the session. One of the participants said, “I have faced the fear of periods, and I don’t want my daughter or any woman in my community to face the same."