An East Delhi resident’s struggle to cope with coronavirus
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An East Delhi resident’s struggle to cope with coronavirus

Deepanshi Gupta, 22, a resident of East Delhi, was covid symptomatic along with her father

An East Delhi resident’s struggle to cope with coronavirus

New Delhi: Even if we try to ignore news on our television, we hear something horrendous around us. Everyone wants to cope up with their mental stress but they are not able to do so, because it is the time where we need to face reality and make ourselves stronger from the bigger waves. This is the only way through which we can swim in the ocean. Learning from the stories will ultimately give us more power and courage to survive.

Deepanshi Gupta, 22, a resident of East Delhi, was covid symptomatic along with her father on April 14, however, her father thought that it was normal as his fever went down after three days and on April 19, he got vaccinated which later triggered his body with side effects.

Deepanshi and her father, RC Gupta were struggling with RTPCR testing as they were not able to get an appointment. On April 24, they finally got an appointment for testing. The result came out on  April 26. The result revealed that Deepanshi and her father both were covid positive.

Deepanshi said, “My father got vaccinated when he thought he was not Covid positive but actually he was. We were trying to get tested since the initial days of having symptoms but we didn't get the appointment early.”

After this, they started taking medications after conferring with the doctor. Deepanshi was recovering from the medications prescribed by the doctor. On the other side, her father even after 15 days, was not showing any recovery sign. Later, the family got his HRCT test  performed which scored a bit high.

The doctors recommended  hospitalisation. Deepanshi said, “My father was not allowing us to get  hospitalised as Delhi's overall condition is not good. However, we were trying to get him hospitalised but the scarcity of hospital beds failed us.”

She also added that watching her father in this ailment led to her mental breakdown. She was fighting with her health issues but she was more affected by her father's health.

Deepanshi said, “I had my birthday on May 1 which I spent while consulting different doctors for my father's treatment. My father kept on telling us that he is doing good, but we were confused as his reports were conflicting with what he was saying.”

For the past 15 days, Deepanshi's father struggled with cough and pain in the throat. After doing the HRCT test, the doctor concluded that his 50 per cent lung is affected. Doctors consulted the family for hospitalisation but some other doctor suggested that he will be fine in the home isolation.

Deepanshi continued, “My father was  initially covid positive but later more things started happening to his body, we are yet waiting for his final reports so that the doctor can start treating based on the final diagnosis. I am recovered now but my dad is still suffering.”

Deepanshi also shared her diet during her isolation period. She took fruits like papaya, kiwi, apple and Cheeku. In dry fruits, she had monaca and almonds. While at lunch and dinner, she had plain roti, daliya, khichdi along with fluids like lemon juice, glucose, kadha etc.  She followed a simple diet plan according to the doctor and recovered while her dad is still fighting this virus.