Don’t be a Covidiot!
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Don’t be a Covidiot!

Nothing big can happen in India without someone going ‘yeh sab bakwaas hai’

Don’t be a Covidiot!

New Delhi: It’s been more than a year now since corona hit the world and that too, real bad. What we all are witnessing right now is an actual global pandemic which will curate great stories to tell when we all survive this and get older. The severity of this condition can be deduced just by a mere look at the figures of active cases and those who have succumbed to it.

Almost everyone had a hard time coming to terms with all that this pandemic has to offer, equal shares of good and bad things. It took some people a considerable amount of time to even accept that we are witnessing something actually lethal and the only way to stop it is to stay inside their homes.

More than a year into this pandemic and we know just how real it is. However, there is still a certain type of people who don’t seem to take all of this seriously, and the term used for such people is ‘Covidiots’.

I am sure you must know such people around you as well. Afterall, nothing big can happen in India without someone going ‘yeh sab bakwaas hai’. Here we have curated a list of such covidiots so that if you see them around you, you can give them a sweet little reality check of just how bakwaas all of this is:

People who don’t really believe that corona is a thing

Yes! There are people who still don’t think that corona exists. No idea what it will take for them to realise that all of this is not a hoax and that they actually need to take all of this seriously. I mean, even if everyone is lying, to what extent will they take it? Think about it and please stay inside and wear a mask.

People who think corona won’t affect them

After people who don’t believe in Covid at all, there is another breed of them who have a shaktiman complex and don’t think that it can happen to them. Self confidence is a good thing but don’t let it make you delusional!  People are taking all sorts of precautions and yet testing positive for Covid, what makes you think that you’re the chosen one whom corona won’t even dare to linger around?

People who don’t know how to wear a mask

These are the special kinds of people who are experimenting with the ways to wear a mask. They will come with unique ways of carrying a mask, putting it to all sorts of use except for what it is actually made for. For God’s sake, masks are not worn to cover your chin, they are supposed to cover your nose and mouth. Stop behaving like an idiot and wear that mask properly. Please call out such people if you see them around.

People who think corona is a conspiracy

And these are the wannabe thriller writers who think that all of this is just a conspiracy and something else is going on behind the curtains of it in actuality. I know it will make for a good story or even a show plot, but right now, wake up and see that all of this is happening in real life. Use the lockdown to write that thriller down if you may, but in the back of your mind, you should know that this is real and we all need to fight it together.

People who think alcohol can prevent corona

Okay, I understand that going in quarantine for an indefinite amount of time in such critical situation calls for a drink and it’s okay to keep your stocks stacked, but please know that alcohol won’t cure you in any way! The only cure to this is strong immunity, proper precautions, and getting your dose of vaccine.