Dwarka society makes task force to help Covid patients
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Dwarka society makes task force to help Covid patients

Thiruvizha Apartments in Sector 10 is giving us goals

Dwarka society makes task force to help Covid patients

Dwarka: A group of residents of the Thiruvizha Apartments in Dwarka’s Sector 10 has constituted a task force of volunteers to help Covid-19 patients and Covid-19 positive households. The task force is the brainchild of Narendra Kumar, a resident of the same society. 

A group was formed with help of other residents in the society. Col Sanjeev Nair, Amit Rawat, Ramanuj Sinha, Sumit Joshi, Suresh Kumar, Narendra Kumar, Abhay, and Brijesh are a part of this group.

According to Kumar, he helped a Covid patient and his family in procuring medical supplies as there was nobody else to help them. Kumar realised that people are hesitant in helping the Covid-19 patients due to fear and decided to do something about the problem. He floated the idea of a task force and formed the group with Col (Rtd) Sanjeev Nair’s help. The management of the society also came forward to extend help in managing PPE kits, gloves, and other such necessary items.

To make the community people aware of such self-help initiative, a message was shared by Col Nair in a WhatsApp group of residents which was then circulated by the people in different groups of Dwarka. 

In his message, he said, “We in our housing society (Thiruvizha CGHS Sector 10) have made a Task Force with a bunch of volunteers (leading it) gauging that none of our relatives staying far can reach during a crisis. We have got our protective gear to help anyone in crisis within the society. If you all are in residential societies please make a model of decentralising and taking stock of things at the local or society level. Delhi does not have beds and no oxygen but we cannot give up hope. As of now we are keeping the morale of each patient of our society high through their family members and we volunteers are duly mapped to each one of them who interacts with them on a daily basis telephonically which is the first level of oxygen, regular pranayam, and sipping lukewarm water is the second level to improving oxygen and Proning position is the third level. Uss ke next level tak pahunchne nahi dena hai kisi ko bhi (We won’t let anyone become seriously ill).”

He further wrote, “If anyone requires some physical support to run around, the task force will venture out with the protection gear (only 2 at a time) be it for oxygen or bed as per the availability. We are making an isolation room for the volunteers to get isolated on return. Also trying to get some cylinders centrally but literally, it is not available.”

“You all may try this model if possible if you have a residential society. You won't believe when I mooted this idea in society I could feel the energy bar in the society going high. Fear actually is sucking the oxygen already there in us, at least we won’t let that oxygen deplete,” Col Nair added.