Working population face difficulties in booking vaccination slot
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Working population face difficulties in booking vaccination slot

Many people have been trying to get a slot since May 1

Working population face difficulties in booking vaccination slot

New Delhi: The vaccination drive for the 18-44 age group has already started in Delhi, but they continue to struggle to find a slot for vaccination even days after the vaccination drive started. Many people have been trying to get a slot since the third phase of vaccination drive started on May 1. However, the problem becomes scarier for those who will be exposed outside for work and coming back home  becomes dangerous not only to the person but the entire family.

“I know registrations are open for 18+ here. I also wanted to get the vaccine as soon as possible as I have a kid at home and I also commute to the office. It is a scary situation. Vaccines seem to the only saviour. But despite registering on Cowin about a week back, I am not  getting an appointment slot for the jab. The government should do  everything possible to expedite the vaccinate drive so that people like us get the vaccine at the earliest,” said Ashish Ranjan, 39, a Delhi-based journalist.

“I want to get vaccinated asap as I can’t afford to get sick. I have a weak immune system, I catch a cold and flu very easily and as vaccines help in developing immunity it will lower the chances of me getting covid,” said Palak Nagar, 24, a resident of Mayur Vihar pocket-1 and a graphic designer by profession.

“I have to go out. I have a small factory. For me, my expenses meter is running regularly. I am giving salaries to my workers, minimum electric charges, water charges, paying easy installation. For me, whether I get vaccinated or not I have to go to work. As a businessman, I know businesses were not out of the last wave's setback. So for me, I need to go back and run the show irrespective of my fears. But I do have a fear of Covid since I have my child at home who is not 18+ and the fear is more because of the news going around that the next wave might also affect kids,” said Anup Sharma, 41, a resident of  Mahavir Enclave in Bengali Colony.

“Yes it’s very difficult to get slots nowadays. Taxpayers should get the jabs first as the government has always told taxpayers are only 3 per cent of the population. Then why don’t they do something for them? I got vaccinated on May 3 but my brother and his wife are trying to get the slot but it’s not happening,” said Anil Kumar, 40, a resident of Mahavir Enclave.

“I am a wedding photographer and struggling to earn as well as to get vaccinated. The site is showing no slots. My work starts at night since that is the time for the wedding. I don't know how long this covid will stay but as soon as the lockdown gets over I need to start working. I need to get vaccinated so that I can protect myself including my family,” said Raj, 22, a resident of Najafgarh.

Sudha Sinha, President of  Federation of Co-operative Group Housing Society (CGHS) said, “Community cannot do anything on this issue, it is the responsibility of the government to solve this issue as soon as possible as communities can only raise their voices, but our voices are not heard.”