My Covid-19 vaccine story
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My Covid-19 vaccine story

Despite brief side effects, say yes to vaccination

My Covid-19 vaccine story

New Delhi: In Delhi, the third phase of the vaccination officially began on May 1. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in a tweet said, “Mass vaccination for the youth of Delhi has begun in Delhi… Our target is to establish 3,000 such centres in 300 schools, subject to the availability of the vaccine.”

Now that the 18+ vaccination has officially started in Delhi, on May 4, my mother and I got vaccinated with the first dose of Covishield. I was standing in the queue after my mother, while we were also watching a boy who got fainted before his vaccination. We first assumed that it happened after he got vaccinated but it was before his vaccination.

My mom and I were not afraid of vaccination. It was just after we saw that boy in seizure. But we got vaccinated and came back home. We had pain in our hands for two days. After one day of vaccination, we felt very tired and feverish. I was having a bad headache with a full bodyache.

I was not in a condition to even stand up and drink water on my own. My father was vaccinated two months ago and he was completely fine. He had nothing to complain about. For the continuous two days, I felt very shaky with no appetite.

But after two days, I felt completely fine. Now I don't have a bodyache or headache. I just have a little bit of pain in my left hand where I got injected.  On May 5, my grandparents also got vaccinated with the first dose of Covishield. They had no pain or any side effects. Fortunately, they were more active than us. So be safe and get vaccinated.