No challan but roses for lockdown violations
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No challan but roses for lockdown violations

Dwarka police carried out a drive to prosecute the violators through Gandhigiri

No challan but roses for lockdown violations Police giving flower to a violator

Dwarka: Treading a different path, the Dwarka police offered roses to people flouting the Covid-19 norms. They carried out the drive to prosecute the violators through Gandhigiri. CitySpidey was on the spot at Sector 6/10  market area where the police officials from Sector 9 police station were making the commuters aware and giving them a rose and mask if they were found violating the lockdown guidelines.

Commuters were being asked the reason for a pass to roam in the city. No valid reason was a violation of Covid guidelines. Apart from them, people not wearing masks were also being made aware and given flowers and masks.

SHO, Dwarka South Police Station, Rakesh Dadwal was present on the occasion and oversaw the process. He said that the police were trying to make the people feel the importance of rule and respect them.

SHO Dwarka South, Rakesh Dadwal addressing market people

On the prosecution with a rose, he said, "This time we are trying to show our warmth with the violator. We are trying to make them feel their fault with love. Police are not always to prosecute and issue challan of 2,000 rupees. This is also a way to spread awareness in the community.”

During the drive, the SHO also met the market people and discussed with them how to respect the rules and how to stop the spread of Covid-19. He asked the people to call him any time if any problem is there as far as the following guidelines are concerned. He shared his number with all the present people from the market of Sector 6 and 10.

Across Delhi, such drives are being carried under the direction of Commissioner of Police (CP), Delhi, SN Srivastava. In the district, the drives are being carried under the supervision of the DCP of the area.

In Dwarka, the drives are being done under the supervision of DCP SK Meena. On Sunday, CP Delhi tweeted, “For a change, a non-coercive model is adopted today. The emphasis is on educating violators and utilising them too in furthering awareness among the residents. Policemen are encouraged into adopting effective alternate means instead of challan.”