Milk, diet & weight loss
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Milk, diet & weight loss

Milk’s healthfulness depends on the individual & type of milk they consume

Milk, diet & weight loss

New Delhi: Milk is an excellent source of nutrients. There are different types of milk such as cow milk, buffalo milk, camel milk and even donkey milk. Vegan milk includes soya milk, coconut milk, almond milk, oats milk and rice milk. 

On June 1, to mark the beginning of Dairy Month and to celebrate World Milk Day CitySpidey conducted an interactive LIVE session “Milk’n’More” on Instagram. Founder of Your Diet Lounge Shiimpy Matharu, a renowned dietitian and nutritionist discussed types of milk and its importance in the daily diet and shared some of the exotic milk recipes to make it tastier.  

The talk session started with a very basic question “What is the importance of milk when you plan a diet chart? “, to which Matharu answered that milk is a whole food.

To highlight the importance of milk she stresses on the fact that a newly born infant feeds on nothing but milk. Matharu said that milk is a filling energy drink that improves bone health, strengthens muscle, improves eyesight, supports in culturing red blood cells in the body the potassium and betters the nervous system. 

The dietitian shared her personal experiences during the live session. She talked about her childhood memories and how she savoured milk. 

The dietitian expressed that milk is a complete food in itself! She talked about the vital nutrients that a glass of milk has in it. These include calcium, potassium, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and essential minerals like phosphorus. 

On being asked “If milk and milk products tend to increase body weight?”
Matharu strongly highlights that there are many beliefs, but they aren’t facts. She considers these belief systems to be negative. The dietitian strongly suggests drinking milk and consuming milk products.

Matharu herself keeps a couple of glasses of milk in her weight loss diet plan. As a nutritionist she shares that everyone can eat everything. One must focus more on how much to eat and when to eat. 

Matharu was asked how much milk an individual can consume in their daily diet and what’s the best time to consume milk. 

She said that a woman can consume up to 500ml of milk whereas men can consume up to 800ml of milk in a day. She discussed in the sessions that morning and evening hours are the best time to consume milk. 

When asked her about milk and acidity issues this is what she had to say – “Firstly, get yourself tested, maybe you are lactose intolerant, and secondly if someone is facing an acidity issue that person must avoid consuming hot milk.”
Matharu suggested that rather than having hot milk one can drink cold milk as it kills acidity. For gastric patients’ dietitian Mathrau suggests avoiding consumption of milk at night. 

During the session Matharu talked about the benefits of turmeric latte as well. The viewers actively participated in the live session and raised their queries. 
One of the viewers commented, “There is so much to know about milk”.

The talk session had many interactive questions from the viewers. One of them asked, “Which is the best milk to consume?“ Matharu answered that it’s the drinker’s choice. She said that the consumer needs to know his or her body and select which milk suits the consumer. 

Matharu said cow milk is very good but it won’t suit a lactose intolerant and a vegan. Again, oats milk is nutritious and vegan but gluten intolerant can’t consume it. So, it’s important to know your and to know your milk. She also discussed the nutrition value of different types of milk in the session. 
She shared some amazing recipes to try with milk during the live session. She shared a yummy smoothie recipe filled with the goodness of milk, nuts and fruits. 

Watch the full video and know more about your glass of milk.


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