You don't purchase a cycle, you purchase a healthy life
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You don't purchase a cycle, you purchase a healthy life

Morning cycling starts as early as 5 o'clock

You don't purchase a cycle, you purchase a healthy life

New Delhi: Cycling enables you to explore places. Amid covid, many people started pedalling as it was a good alternative to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though riding gears cost some fortune, it's a one-time  investment. Cycling gives you unforgettable vacations, just the two wheels with a dozen memories.

Deepak Choudhary is a resident of Rohini Sector 6, a professional cyclist and also a fashion photographer. Deepak started cycling professionally in the year 2018. In 2018, in his neighbourhood he found someone cycling and afterwards went to Decathlon Sports India where he met Manish puri, a sports leader at Decathlon. From there he started his professional cycling journey.

Deepak said, “We all are aware of cycling and many of us know how to ride it, I also knew cycling as it was how we commuted in our childhood from school to home and vice versa.” Deepak has ridden 180 km of distance in one go and to date have covered more than 10,000 kilometres.”

He said, “We start our ride early in the morning around 5 o'clock and pre covid we used to cover 30-40 kilometres every day, sometimes we used to cycle for 50 kilometres and on weekends we used to cycle for 100 kilometres. There were a lot of health benefits, it helped me to lose weight, build up my stamina, control breathing and buildup strength.”

He later added, “Cycling is still a mode of commute in village areas, though metro cities are the busiest cities where people prefer to go by car, two-wheeler and as we are moving ahead  purchasing cars, two-wheelers are becoming very easy. So availability of finance makes it easier as they want to reach their destination fast and comfortably. Here the government should take some steps like providing lanes for cyclists. This will motivate people who want a healthy life as the risk factor will be minimised.”
Deepak has initiated 'cycle to work' in which the riders are trying  to commute to their jobs through cycles. They also initiated relief riders during covid where they rode on bicycles to help covid patients, quarantine families, by delivering ration kits, groceries.

“I was covid positive and I think cycling was the only thing that saved me, and I was not all worried during this whole time. The only message I want to deliver is to start cycling at least for short  distances or work. Keep cycling and keep motivating,” said Deepak.