Taking care of their plants, everyday
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Taking care of their plants, everyday

Ashwani and his children try their best to water the plants regularly

Taking care of their plants, everyday

Dwarka: Nature is the epitome of beauty. Whenever we take a break from our industrial surroundings, we crave to get closer to nature, to experience the beauty of it and wonder how it is so gorgeous in its raw form. It is our duty to protect mother nature, however, not a lot of people actually do anything about it.

Ashwani Sharma, 56, a resident of Sector 6 in Dwarka, who is presently running his own business, waters and cleans the parks around his home along with his children. He was inspired by a rickshaw puller.

Ashwani said, “We saw a rickshaw puller, he took a polybag and fetched water from a nearby tap and started watering plants in a garden. It seemed as if he was practising this for a long time. From there, my children and I were inspired and grabbed 10 to 20 liters of water bottles, filled them up and carried them in the car. We started watering our nearby garden regularly.”

Initially, Sharma and his family were doing this alone, however, now they have started to do efforts to gather more people to be a part of this noble initiative. Ashwani said, “Everyone must have heard the famous quotation – Nature is the painting by God. And we all agree that there is no better masterpiece than this. Just like other masterpieces, this unique and fabulous masterpiece should also be maintained by us as we have reached a stage where everything is made easy with technology. We feel proud to do this and will try our best to help people like us.”

He also added that they try their best to water the plants regularly. Due to the pandemic, they were not able to go out much so they started  feeding dogs. “We think that one on a personal level, can just take a seed and plant it in their nearby garden or maybe a park and if they do it at least twice or thrice a week, very soon a positive drastic change in the pollution, which is increasing alarmingly day by day, will be noticed easily and very soon we won't find any headlines about increasing pollution around us,” said Ashwani.

They think that one should act individually before asking the government or authority to make arrangements at least on issues like taking care of the garden or maybe any park near them.

Ashwani with his kid has also taken part in various cleanup missions like:

  • Tree a throne
  • Movement of cleaning of Bharat Vandana Park

Every Sunday, they used to clean the parks by wearing gloves and carrying garbage bags in sectors 6 and 10. We need people like Ashwani who are doing their bit to protect nature and motivating others as well to do the same.