The DropBox Concert, a fundraiser for artists
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The DropBox Concert, a fundraiser for artists

This concert is free for all and everyone can contribute as much as they want for the cause

The DropBox Concert, a fundraiser for artists

New Delhi: The Corona pandemic has been with us for far more than a year now. Everyone is stuck within the walls of their homes, going out to enjoy is no-no and working from home and online classes are the new normal.

Almost everyone has been impacted by this situation. One of the most prominent sectors of them is the showbiz and the entertainment sector.

Now, as the lockdown has been lifted in Delhi and in other states of the country, the entertainment industry still remains shut and due to the lockdown, the artists lost their ways of earning.

On May 11, CitySpidey did a story about how theatre artists are surviving in this lockdown and after that on May 15, we covered backstage theatre artists suffering a big blow, who were also looking for alternate jobs.

The situation is very horrifying, everyone is worried about their work. Many of us are doing work from home but what about those who belong to the Arts field. What about the theatre actors, backstage artists, singers, etc? They are not able to perform their activities at home. They have to pause their work or if they are doing so, how are they going about it?

TM Krishna, an author, shared a picture of a poster on their official Instagram account in which he mentioned that there is a DropBox concert on Facebook and Instagram Live. The DropBox concert is a fundraiser for the artists who were displaced financially by the pandemic.

This concert is free for all and everyone can contribute as much as they want for the cause. The concert will contain live song requests, interactive sessions, and interesting conversations. It will be held on June 12 at 8 pm on Facebook and Instagram, on the official  account of TM Krishna. This life is free for all.

Later, he shared an IGTV video on his official account and in the video, he said, “I am here to invite all of you to my DropBox Concert, Live on Instagram and Facebook on June 12 at 8 pm. This concert is for everybody to come, participate in. It is informal, you can ask  questions, you can ask for your request, we can have a chat. We also have some other guests, some musicians, who will come and go with a little cameo, some youngsters, and some seniors.”

Later he added, “This concert also has a purpose and purpose is to try and support the artists, who have been attacked tremendously because  of the pandemic. So do come, ask your questions, ask for your request and try to contribute anything. So do come on June 12 at 8 pm and by the way, the ending time is not decided.”