Gujarati food is much more than just fafda and dhokla
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Gujarati food is much more than just fafda and dhokla

Gujarat as a state offers a lot to please your taste buds

Gujarati food is much more than just fafda and dhokla

A burst of flavours, an array of colours, and a sweet tinge constitutes irresistible Gujarati dishes. Welcome to a part of India that not only is fond of food but cherishes it as a way of living. To think that Gujarati food is enjoyed worldwide is a testament to the fact how Gujarati cuisine has hit the right notes with people all around the world. It’s only fitting that a culture which prides itself on being welcoming, eccentric, and full of life, has at least a hint of sweetener in everything they consume.

Gujarati food is much more beyond the glorified fafda and dhokla. If you ever thought that gujju food is just about adding sugar to every dish then be ready to get your myth bubble busted. These drool-worthy dishes are proof that vegetarian food is not only healthy but also amazingly delicious. Read on and treat your tummy with these right away:


Gujarati dishes originating from Surat have a unique flavour, preparation, and taste to it. Undhiyu is a mixed vegetable dish that is cooked upside down and underground in clay pots. A seasonal dish that awaits the arrival of Uttarayan (the Kite Festival in Gujarat) in the winter month of January.

The dish derives its name from the Gujarati word ‘undhu’ which translates into ‘upside down’. The ingredients include eggplant; fried chickpea flour dumplings, bananas and beans, potatoes, green peas, slow-cooked to perfection with buttermilk, coconut, and spices.


Handvo is a vegetable cake and an important part of the Gujarati cuisine. It is often made with a bottle gourd filling, though many other vegetables can be added. Sometimes crushed peanuts are also added.


Patra is a traditional Gujarati vegetarian dish prepared with nutritious colocasia leaves which are stuffed with a mix of ingredients such as garam masala, gram flour, mustard seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric, chili paste, and asafetida. The leaves are then rolled, steamed, and fried or deep-fried until crispy.


A region like Gujarat, that has a particularly sweet taste palette, is bound to have delectable sweet dishes being served up in each and every household. Mohanthal is one such Gujarati food that is made in all the regions of Gujarat with their original taste, composition, and texture.

In general, mohanthal is a fudge-like sweet that is made from sweetened gram flour (besan) and added with rich flavors like saffron, cardamom and nuts like almonds and pistachios.

Sev tamatar

A stormy confluence of flavours can be felt in every bite of the sev tamatar nu shaak, one of the very few Gujarati dishes that bring a sweet, salty, tangy, and spicy flavour in one go. After sauteing diced onions and tomatoes in oil and spices, the dish is cooked and sev is added on top of it to get the spicy and salty flavour to the dish.

Traditionally enjoyed with flat-breads like theplas, rotis, or paranthas, Sev tamatar nu shaak is a popular dish for children in Gujarati households.

Gujarati kadhi

One of the most recognisable Gujarati dishes made from buttermilk or yogurt and gram flour. An essential part of Gujarati food, kadhi prepared in Gujarat is lighter than its variants prepared in north India. 

The lighter gravy is obtained by adding a few cups of water to the curd and gram flour mixture. In Gujarat, people like to consume kadhi piping hot with khichdi, roti, or rice.


Named after the action that is used to shape the dough, these fist-cakes make for a great breakfast or evening snack. To prepare these, a mixture of chickpea flour, bottle gourd and spices is prepared, steamed, pan-fried and seasoned. If you skip the pan-frying, it becomes a great meal for the health-conscious folks. 

Other varieties include usage of spinach, fenugreek, amaranth or even bitter gourd. Juicy and fluffy on the inside, golden and crispy on the outside, no one can ever say no to a bowlful of muthiya. 

It is best relished with a dash of mint-coriander chutney or ketchup, and a cup of steaming hot tea. Try this Gujarati dish to know what the fuss is all about.


Bakarwadi is a traditional crispy, deep-fried, disc-shaped, sweet and spicy snack popular in western states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Bakarwadi is made from gram flour dough shaped into spirals stuffed with a mixture of coconut, poppy seeds and sesame seeds. It is then fried until it gets crispy. It can be stored for weeks and enjoyed as an evening snack.

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