The colours of Janpath market have faded
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The colours of Janpath market have faded

The vendors are back again in the famous markets of the national capital

The colours of Janpath market have faded

New Delhi: It’s been more than a year with this pandemic and almost all the industries have suffered because of Corona. It pushed people to work from home and even took away their jobs in some cases. The situation hasn’t improved a lot since then. The local vendors had to suffer huge losses as their customer base dropped. It happened as people were not stepping out of their homes.

As the business and markets began to open during the start of this year, the second wave of corona came and crushed the hopes of many local vendors.

Now, as the process unlock has begun, these vendors are back again in the famous markets of the national capital. CitySpidey talked to some vendors from Janpath market.

Vinay Kumar, owner of a garment shop said, “There is nothing to do in the market because we have no customers. We sit all day like statues. After the second wave of the coronavirus, the situation has become worse. Ninety percent of the market is empty. Now we have heard that the third wave is coming soon. If conditions remain the same, soon we will be on the streets. We have a family to feed and no idea when things will get better.”

Chetan, owner of a jewellery and accessories shop said, “I have not sold anything today. Most of the days have been like this. I am thankful that I have my own shop, if it had been on rent, I could not have afforded it. There are no customers in the market. It doesn’t matter if shops close again because the condition will remain the same.”

Ratan, a salesman at a handicraft shop in Janpath said, “Market conditions are not good. Our sales have dropped frequently. At times, customers do not wear masks and do not take proper precautions. Most of the customers here are for window shopping. Employees are on a salary cut basis. Janpath used to be crowded in the evening, but nowadays, there is a maximum of 10-12 customers visiting our shops.”

Rohit, a young man who runs a cloth shop in Janpath said, “I have been working in this place for more than six years and the condition of my shop looks like I have just started the business. Mostly, I don’t earn a  single penny in a day. Even after the lockdown is lifted, the graph of the market is down, there is no crowd in the market.”