Meet the man who defeated cancer six times
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Meet the man who defeated cancer six times

Now, Kandoi is a writer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur

Meet the man who defeated cancer six times

New Delhi: Jayant Kandoi is a brave young man who has defeated cancer six times in the last seven  years. The 23-year-old lives in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He was first diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Kandoi is a writer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. In 2016, he started an NGO named, the City Star Club, and with God’s grace now, he is pursuing MBA.

Surviving cancer could be the most difficult thing you’ve ever attempted. Those who have done it more than once knows the fact that it is never easy. Defeating cancer is always challenging. Kandoi’s life has never been steady since he was diagnosed with cancer. In 2013, he was diagnosed with cancer first time.

CitySpidey talked to Kandoi, he shared, “In 2013, I was in 10th standard when I was diagnosed with cancer first time. Some abnormal tumours were visible on my neck. It was stage 1. I shifted to Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer Hospital where doctors gave me 12 chemotherapy treatment. In 2015, in my 12th standard, I got cancer again on the other side of the neck and had taken 60 radiotherapies.” Meanwhile, he held a position in his class 12th board exam and came to Delhi to pursue B.Com Hons.

He added, “In 2017, when I was studying at Delhi University, I got extreme pain in my stomach and I suspected again it was cancer, this time in my pancreas. It was the third time. It can be only cured by an incision of 9 inches but then I went to SMS hospital. The  doctor used binocular to prevent cancer with some medicines. During treatment, I started my own organisation named City Star Club, where cancer patient is given all possible help. I am doing this work for five years and 350 people are with me.”  However, he continued his studies during treatment.

On two occasions in 2019 and 2020, he again faced problems in pancreas. He went for a bone marrow transplant in 2021. He recalled, “The doctor admits that I have defeated cancer 6 times. My friends did not play with me, some friends used to be sympathetic. However, there were families who distanced from me so that we would not ask them for money.” Now he is pursuing MBA and has written three books which will be published soon.

Kandoi added, “Yes, my parents were my biggest support system. They have given me a new life by sacrificing a lot. My dad always says, tujhe bhagwan se bhi jeet kar le aunga (I will win you from the god). Life had changed, but the best part was never to break the courage. People still consider it a very big disease and this is very wrong. We should  treat everyone equally. Do not let anyone down, the disease will go  away after some time but the relationship will get spoiled. If we all fight together, we will win the war soon.”

Kandoi shared, “Earlier I used to be very stubborn, arbitrary and angry. Now I have started looking at life from another perspective. How can I help people, I pay more attention to that.”

“Cancer is seen as a very big disease in our country, this thing is wrong. If you get the right treatment at the right time, then no one will get hurt. Now I am doing the work of giving the right advice to everyone so that every class of people can get the right treatment at right time. Cancer is a very small word, and nothing more. Keep yourself positive. Don't get into anyone's words, do what the doctor says. Death is truth, don't spoil your today by thinking about it,” he concluded.