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Fabric First!

Wearing a raincoat at all times isn’t an option. Get yourself monsoon-friendly fabrics

Fabric First!

While our minds juggle what to wear during the monsoon season, our hearts crib not to spare the chic look during the monsoon months. Since wearing a raincoat at times isn’t an option, choose your fashion fabrics wisely. Go for fabrics that will help you survive humidity, sweat and moisture.

Cotton is a nice and comfy pick during the monsoons. Although this fabric is guilty of getting wet soon, it dries up just as quickly. But, be careful not to pick a light coloured cotton outfit. They might just stain or become see-through when they get wet. Cotton clothes are well ventilated that keep the skin cool. But apart from that, there are fabrics which are useful and can protect you from rain. 


Credit: sewingiscool.com

Three qualities of rayon make it a perfect pick for monsoons. Rayon feels like cotton, its texture comforts like silk and has properties of linen as well. Rayon is functional for rain because the fabric is not a heat-trapper. Moreover, it absorbs moisture. 

Those who like to wear ethnic during monsoons can go for this fabric. Fashion staples like kurti, pyjama, dupatta made of rayon can be comfy wear on rainy days. 


Credit: propercloth.com

Chambray mimics denim and is a cotton plain-weave fabric made with a dyed warp yarn and a white filling yarn. It is typically light blue in colour. Chambray is lighter and is woven differently thus, it has a softer texture than denim.

This fabric keeps the body cool from dry heat and humidity, making it a perfect pick for rainy weather. Chambray is a breathable fabric and it doesn’t stick to the skin which makes the fabric a monsoon favourite. 

If not denim, here is the fabric for you!


Credit: mindfulandpure.com

When it comes to monsoon wear, we often miss counting on polyester clothes. But polyester’s nature is ‘hydrophobic’ as it does not retain water between the strands of its fabric. The fabric doesn’t shrink and is wrinkle-free which makes it a durable monsoon wear.

One can opt for Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) footwear and go for fashion staples like half-sleeved shirts, cut sleeves and crop tops of this fabric during monsoons.


Credit: shandongrundongtextiles.com

Both men and women can avoid wearing jeans for monsoon season and switch to Gabardine fabric pants as these will keep you dry for a longer duration. 

Gabardine is a rain-resistant, firm fabric, and will stand by your side throughout the rainy season. The threads of this fabric are tightly intact which helps in repelling water droplets. 

More than raincoats, it is used in the making of overcoats or rain jackets. This is one fabric that you won’t regret investing in. 


Credit: fibre2fashion.com

Nylon fabric is water-resistant as the water gets easily evaporated from its surface. This fabric has fewer chances of developing fungi when it is wet for a longer duration. Athletic clothes like shorts, shirts, t-shirts, hiking clothes are made of nylon fabric as it also takes away the moisture present in the body. These qualities make nylon a perfect pick for the humid season.

If you do not possess outfits of the above fabrics, do not wait to purchase them!