Nail it at home
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Nail it at home

You don’t have to go to salons every time to get a mani-pedi

Nail it at home CitySpidey

When it comes to grooming, manicure and pedicure are something you can’t do without. Perfectly groomed hands and feet add to your personality and such treatment can make you look more presentable at all occasions. Not only do these treatments make your hands and feet look good, they are also hygienic and help you get rid of peeling cuticles and dead skin cells.  

You don’t have to go to salons and make your pockets light every time to get a mani-pedi. You can do it home as well! Here’s how-

Things you’ll need :

  • Nail paint remover or wipes

  • Cotton balls 

  • Scrub

  • Pumice stone

  • Nail cutter

  • Nail filer & buffer

  • Any organic oil for cuticles (preferably almond oil, coconut oil)

  • Moisturiser

  • Toe Finger Separators (optional)

  • Nail Paints: White nail paint for base-coat, prime color nail paint, and a clear nail-paint for top coat

Here are the easy steps to follow for your manicure & pedicure at home :

Step 1: Start by cleaning your nails 

The first step is to clean the nails with the help of a nail paint remover and cotton or simply just use wipes. Make sure to remove all the paint on your nails.  

Step 2: Soak it up & scrub the dead skin cells away 

Add some shampoo in a hot water tub and soak your hands in it for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat the process with your feet. Soaking your hands and feet will make them clean and will make you relax. After soaking, move ahead and scrub your hands and feet with a gentle scrub and pumice to rub away all the dead skin. This will leave your knuckles and heels smooth. 

Step 3: Trim, file, and buff your nails 

Since your hands and feet are smooth and soft now, it’s time to clip the nails and then file them to remove all the rough edges and hard ends. Don’t forget to buff your nails after filing them. 

Step 4: Cure the cuticles 

After filing and buffing your nails, rub oil on them and massage them for 2 to 3 minutes. You can always push in your cuticle to give them a full and hydrated look.

Step 5: Moisturise and massage

After applying oil on your cuticles, take some moisturizer and apply a good amount of it all over your hands and feet. Give them a good massage for 5 to 8 minutes. This will boost your blood circulation and will leave you with hydrated hands and feet.

Step 6: Glam up the nail

After soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing, now it’s finally time to glam them up. Start by applying a base coat, preferably a white or nude color, and let it dry for 2-3 minutes. After that, go ahead and apply the paint you want according to the season or event. You can always try out different colors and styles such as pastels or bold colors or go for a gradient or an ombre look. Apply two coats and let it dry for 5-6 minutes. Lastly, apply a transparent shiny or matte top coat to prevent your nail paint from getting chipped, and voila! You are done. 

Brownie points for your perfect manicure and pedicure-

  • Don't forget to start with the base coat and finish with the topcoat.

  • Sterilize all the tools after your manicure and pedicure to avoid all the bacteria build-up and infections.

  • Moisturize your hands and feet to maintain the shine.

  • Don't correct your nail paint mistakes with Q-tips, use a brush to remove any smudges.

  • Ditch your old habit of shaking the nail polish bottle instead, roll baby roll! Rolling the bottle will prevent bubble formation for a smoother application.

You can always make time to make yourself look on-point at home without spending thousands of bucks. Now go forth and get your polish on!