Beyond OTT: Indian short films on YouTube
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Beyond OTT: Indian short films on YouTube

CitySpidey picks six out-of-the-box Indian short films from YouTube for you

Beyond OTT: Indian short films on YouTube

In the world of cinema, short films have made a special place for themselves. They have the ability to deliver a whole script while keeping all the elements and emotions intact in a shorter period of time. Unlike feature films, you don’t have to dedicate more than an hour to watch short films.

Making a short film is not an easy task because the liberty of time is taken away. It is always interesting to see what such a film has to offer and how smartly it blends all the elements together while adhering to a time frame.

Short films have the tendency to keep the audience hooked as no shot, dialogue, or scene can be unnecessary. If you want to delve into the world of short movies, there are plenty of them present on Youtube. You don’t have to buy subscriptions to OTT platforms to watch them.

CitySpidey picks six out-of-the-box Indian short films from YouTube for those of you who still have not invested in a subscription to any streaming platform. 

1. Chutney

A bit sweet and a whole lot spicy, this chutney has everything one could ask for! 

Watch this Tisca Chopra film, which not only produced but played the protagonist’s role in the film. The layers of characters played by the protagonist uphold the essence of the script. The story revolves around the Ghaziabad-based woman who finds that a more youthful lady is trying to charm her husband. The end of the movie will give you goosebumps. 

2. Kriti

This is a psychological thriller that has brought together two digital dons together. The movie features Manoj Bajpayee and Radhika Apte. The movie has been directed by Sirish Kunder, it revolves around a man in love with his new girlfriend. But when a psychiatrist tries to determine whether his love is genuine, the plot takes a dark turn.

3. Interior cafe night

This 12-minute short film is an incredible story narrated with emotion and expertise, Interior Cafe Night stars Shernaz Patel, Naseeruddin Shah, Naveen Kasturia, and Shweta Basu Prasad. The short film is about two long-lost lovers who meet by chance after 30 decades. Watch this film that depicts love, loss, and reunion.

4. Nitishastra

This 20-minute short film is based on the learnings imparted in the Mahabharata. In this movie, Taapsee Pannu played a self-defence instructor, whose aim is to train girls to protect themselves as they take on the world. The plot takes a twist when she comes to know that her own brother has committed an offence against a woman.

5. Ahalya

Deceit, seduction, and suspense, Ahalya makes you want to hold on to your seat. It’s an epic retold. The film takes components from the mythological story of Ahalya from Ramayana and makes a modern rendition of it with a twist. Watch this nail-biting thriller starring the legendary Soumitra Chatterjee directed by Sujoy Ghosh and presented by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films.

6. Happy Birthday Mummyji

It’s a provocative short film that caters to her devoted fans. Written, directed, and starred by Shefali Shah. Happy Birthday Mummy Ji spins around a woman who makes plans for her mom's birthday. However, In the midst of the arrangements, lockdown is declared and Shefali is abandoned at the party avenue alone.