5 types of noodles to treat your taste buds
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5 types of noodles to treat your taste buds

Beyond Maggi & Wai-Wai noodles

5 types of noodles to treat your taste buds

Can you imagine Japanese cuisine without noodles? Nothing can beat a big bowl of tasty and spicy noodles on a lazy weekend afternoon. Whether you plan to soup it up or wrap it in a fork, noodles can be eaten in several ways. Though we love eating noodles, did you know that there’s a vast range of noodles that you can store in your kitchen? Or plan a weekend to visit some authentic Japanese restaurants to try them.

If you are a noodle lover and enjoy eating noodles, I'm here to discuss five types of noodles, so that you know what to explore in Japanese cuisine:

1. Ramen Noodles

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Ramen are mostly famous in Japan and popularly seen in Japanese anime, the long and curly ramen noodles are made from egg and wheat. Ramen noodles are refrigerated until ready to use. Also, once boiled they have to be cooked instantly. One will mostly find them used in soups or eaten
raw with salads.

Location:- Yum Yum Cha, Khan market

2.  Udon Noodles

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Fat-white noodles from South Japanese cuisine. Udon noodles are made of wheat flour. Available in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, these noodles are cooked in boiling water, you can use them instantly. Freshly prepared udon noodles taste better and are mostly used in soup.

Location:- Makoto Udon, MGF Metropolis Mall, Gurgaon.

3. Shirataki noodles

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Shirataki is thin and rubbery in texture, these noodles are thin and translucent and made from Konjac yam plant. Interestingly, these noodles are known for their health benefits. Shirataki noodles can be the perfect pick for you because it has zero-calorie and fibre in it, that makes it a healthy option for all noodle lovers. Also, they're bland;
you can try them with anything.

Slurp slurp, friends!

Location:-Guppy, Lodhi Colony.

4. Egg Noodle

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A common variety of noodles that is mostly used in Asian cuisines, egg noodles are made with eggs, wheat, and water. Available in many types of shapes - thick, thin, fresh, dried & round, egg noodles are perfect to try with soups, salads, and main course. Egg noodles are easy to cook and all you need to do is boil the noodles before you cook.

Location:- Chew-Pan Asian Cafe, Connaught Circle, M-block

5. Soba Noodle

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The brown-coloured Japanese noodles are made from buckwheat and are full of protein and fibre. These noodles are eaten during New Year to symbolise longevity. You can try soba noodles stir-fried or cooked in a soup. The noodles have a delicious taste when used in soups or can also be used with a dipping sauce.

Location:- Guppy, Lodhi Colony