Open wires invite danger to park visitors in Dwarka
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Open wires invite danger to park visitors in Dwarka

Visitors of the parks have also been electrocuted in the past

Open wires invite danger to park visitors in Dwarka

Dwarka: Open wires lying on the ground, open junctions and fuse boxes in parks is a common sight in Dwarka. Now with the rains, such naked wires are inviting danger to the visitors. Mainly the children are vulnerable and there is a chance of electrocution.

Be it DDA parks or the parks of Municipal Corporation or a road, such naked wires can be seen everywhere. People say that they feel at risk while walking after the rain in any park or on the road.

When you visit neighbourhood parks in the area, you would see naked wires lying on the grass or bushes at corners where the electric panels or junctions are located. Mostly, such naked wires are not visible due to small size but it can flow current in the wet grass or surface during rain.

Visitors to the parks have also been electrocuted in the past. Pets have also got electric shocks. Though those people were not seriously injured, yet the incidents created a fear among community people.

A resident of Sector 6, RK Singh said that a boy was injured after getting electric shock at the park of Sector 6 due to a hidden naked wire in the bushes in 2018 last year.

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“Though he wasn't seriously injured, it could have been serious. The authorities should look into the matter and ensure that there is no such wire or box or open junction in parks,” said Singh.

Community people said that there are many such parks where such open boxes and naked wires have been in the same state for more than a year.

A resident of Harsukh Apartments, Sector 7 and General Secretary of Seniors Hub Dwarka, Ravi Jaitely said, “I have been watching that the box or junction or wire which was open last year is in the same state till now in the neighbourhood park of Sector 7. So you can make out how serious the authorities are. Such things must be taken seriously so that any mishap could be avoided.”

In 2018, an incident happened which raised the naked wire and current issue as a boy died due to electric shock while crossing a water logged spot in Sector 7. People always talk about that incident whenever anyone gets an electric shock in Dwarka.

Anjana Sinha, a resident of Dwarkadheesh Apartments in Sector 12 said, “Before rainy season, a complete survey should be done by the civic bodies with the help of RWAs and social organisations. Collectively, such naked wires and open boxes could be spotted and fixed.”