Puff sleeves a day keep dull looks away
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Puff sleeves a day keep dull looks away

An ordinary or low-priced outfit can touch heights if puff sleeves design is added to its structure

Puff sleeves a day keep dull looks away

Whenever you are in a need or mood of a style change, instead of changing your whole style, adding some extra elements to the fashion staples can do the trick. Instead of experimenting with your shoes, accessories or hair, something as simple as puff sleeves can add to your fashion statement.

Even an ordinary and sober outfit can touch the heights if puff sleeves are added to its structure. This is because puff sleeves are eye-catching and add volume to the outfit while energising your whole look.

Puff sleeves are versatile and can be easily blended up in different types of look – professional look, ethnic look, retro look, street style look, etc.

The capsule list written below will help you to fetch the important puff-sleeved outfits to update your closet.

Puff sleeves dress

Credit: Pinterest

Puff sleeves in any kind of dress, be it a short dress, maxi dress or a knee-length dress, shift the focus to shoulders and hands. Colours like dark pink, red, green, turquoise, maroon, etc add a spark to off-shoulder-puff sleeves dresses. You can even experiment with neck shapes while purchasing dresses with puff sleeves. Some of the neck shapes could be halter neck, V neck, square-shaped neck or collars as well. Footwears with heels like stilettos, pumps, and open-toe heels will go well with such dresses.

Puff sleeves shirts

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Puff sleeves shirts add that 'boss lady' element to your outfit which is perfect for professional wear. Generally, white puff-sleeved shirts are preferred but it's time to break the monotony. You can move on to checked, neon coloured, striped and bright-coloured shorts with puff sleeves. Such shirts can be styled with bottoms like tailored pants, parallel pants, flared jeans to give a casual-street edge to the look.

If not shirts, puff sleeved crop tops and long tops with the aforementioned neck shapes can be your saviour when you couldn't find a way to mark your day in your closet. In such tops, you can go crazy with different patterns like polka, sheer, lace top, and floral and ruffled-puff sleeves.

Puff sleeved jacket

Credit: lulus.com

Denim jackets is a fashion staple that is present in almost every wardrobe but the puff sleeved jackets are also making their way in the everyday fashion closets. Unlike denim jackets, there are no colour restrictions here. From light colours like baby pink to vibrant colours like dark blue, puff sleeves jackets can enrich any bland outfit. A pro tip is to wear such jackets in dresses which look dull, are lustreless and you do not want to carry them more often.

Puff sleeved jumpsuit

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Puff-sleeved jumpsuits are a perfect uber-cool look if you want to travel hassle-free. In jumpsuits, you can go for off-shoulder puff sleeves or one shoulder puff sleeves to amp up your sartorial quotient. Pastel colours like orange, light green, light yellow, etc in puff-sleeved jumpsuits give a coastal vibe and can be considered for a beach holiday as well. Footwear like wedges, mules, wedge boots, ankle strap, Mary Jane, T-strap, etc can be teamed well with this.

Puff sleeved co-ords

Credit: Nykaa Fashion

Puff-sleeved co-ords can be your alternative outfit when you do not want to wear a dress or pant-suits. These co-ords are flowy, elegant and can be your ethnic wear staples as well. It can be accessorised with jewellery like chokers, bracelets and anklets to give a proper desi yet stylish look.

Channel your inner fashionista with puff in your sleeves.