A guide to accessorise your office look
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A guide to accessorise your office look

Selecting jewellery for the office can be challenging. Here's what you can refer to!

A guide to accessorise your office look

Jewellery is an essential accessory for women. Every woman desires to style jewellery in the most attractive and fashionable way.  But when it comes to styling for the workplace, it is a challenging task in order to balance the look by choosing the right piece of jewellery that can elevate your look. Accessories express one's personality and add assertiveness to one's individuality.

Many women avoid wearing any jewellery to the office in order to maintain the decorum. However, choosing the right piece of accessories can elevate your style statement.

When you choose jewellery to wear with your office outfit, select pieces that aren't distracting or noisy. You can still show your individuality, but don't wear anything that might offend the higher-ups or clients.

Here are some dos and don'ts when you choose office jewellery:

  • Keep it small and simple
  • Avoid wearing bling or flashy jewellery
  • Avoid wearing too many stones
  • Don't wear bracelets that jingles
  • When you don't know what to wear, keep it simple with a watch

Stud Earring

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Go for small studs and hoops to make your look small and decent. This small piece of jewellery would perfectly add the needed dose of attraction to your outfit.
Dangle Earrings

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The little dangle earrings are perfect for your workplace for an elegant look. These simple earrings are light, simple and classy that will make you look gorgeous.

Hidden Bail Pendant

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A delicate chain or small necklace with a single stone is appropriate for the work environment. Choosing a decent piece of jewellery adds grace to your outfit without drawing much attention. A pendant with a chain will certainly make you feel confident about your attire. So follow this trick and add glam to your outfit.

Chain Bracelet

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Hand gestures are very essential. Large chunky bracelets can hinder your hand movements like they can hinder you while doing simple tasks like typing or nothing. One should avoid wearing bulky big bracelets that tinkles and create a nuisance. Go for classy sleek bracelets that are more comfortable and create less disturbance for you as well as for your colleagues.

Delicate Ring

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Rings are the perfect office wear jewellery that would well suit any outfit. Choosing a nice shaped ring will amplify the look of your elegant fingers, a delicate ring with a single stone, band rings or multi-stone ring will lift up your spirits. This piece of jewellery will make heads turn to you.  Irrespective of the outfit you wear, rings are apt office wear jewellery pieces for a majestic yet classy look.


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The go-to office accessory for centuries, watches are not just a mere piece of accessory but it is an important tool as well. It's a personal fashion statement, watches are the most work-appropriate accessory to spice up the whole look. Before the 'technology era' watches were an essential accessory and now people are more reliant on smartphones.

Whatever it may be, an elegant piece of jewellery can make heads turn back to you, a decent of piece jewellery for office wear should be hassle-free, sleek and trendy. So instead of the jangly bracelet, blingy earrings and chunky neck-piece. Go for stud earring, sleek bracelets and delicate chains to spice up you look formal look.