Samosa and its ‘fillings’, an emotional connection
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Samosa and its ‘fillings’, an emotional connection

Fusion food is all about bringing together the best of two cuisines

Samosa and its ‘fillings’, an emotional connection

Samosa is one of the most loved street snacks of India. Just the mention of samosas paints the picture of that brownish-triangular snack filled with spicy potato stuffing, deep-fried in oil. Though samosa is probably one of the most Indian things, it may come as a surprise to you that samosa is said to have originated in the Middle East and was introduced to the Indian subcontinent by traders from central Asia.

It is in our blood to experiment with international food and give an Indian twist to it. Delicacies like aloo patty burger and desi Chinese noodles are a result of the same.

We even experiment with our own dishes and fiddle around with spices, fillings, shapes and what not. Afterall, fusion food is all about bringing together the best of two cuisines to create something ‘best of both worlds’.

You can see people experimenting with samosas by trying different fillings and stuffings. Here are a few twisted samosas you can try:

Chowmein samosa


Yes, this might sound a bit weird but it is lip-smacking. We love samosas and we love chowmein and what wonders they can do together can only be recognised if we try the chowmein samosa. You may or may not love it but it certainly makes for a twisted snack.

Pasta samosa


Pasta, if cooked nicely, is a heavenly treat. However, pasta samosa might sound a bit strange but the fusion is outstanding, not gonna lie. Also, making this samosa is not a cup of tea. You need to make sure that the pasta is really dry with a thicker pasta sauce in the filling.

Tandoori paneer samosa


Tandoori paneer tops the favourites list of so many Indians and when combined with samosa, it’s just another level of craziness. The filling of this samosa is made from onions, paneer, cheese and coriander. The delectable and tangy tandoori paneer samosa is a pleasure for all paneer lovers out there.

Cheese samosa


An ingredient that serves well with most of the dishes is cheese. You can now probably find cheese samosas at street food vendors shops near your house. Whether it is cottage cheese (paneer), mozzarella or feta cheese, filling made from the cheese will  make you want to have this samosa every day!

Keema samosa

Credit: benazir's kitchen

For most non-vegetarians lovers, a samosa might not be that appealing. But what about when you season it up with a bit of keema? Well, the taste of this samosa is simply blissful and will indeed take you to paradise.

Places in Delhi to find fusion samosas:

1. Samosa Street

Located in NSP, this place offers delicious flavours in 34+ varieties of samosas. Go and try them all.

Cost: Rs 100 for two (approx)

Where: Shop Number G-83, Main Market, Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

2. Kumar Samosa Wala

Situated in New Moti Nagar is this small yet famous shop that has been serving over 22 different varieties of samosas for over 18 years.

Cost : Rs. 100 for two people (approx.)

Where: 2/31, Near Milan Cinema, Karampura, New Delhi

So the next time you crave samosas, head over to these shops.