Manipur and its many dance forms
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Manipur and its many dance forms

Shim Lam dance or also known as the fly dance and is associated with the Rongmei community

Manipur and its many dance forms

Manipur is a prominent state out of the seven sisters as athletes like Mary Kom and Mirabai Chanu have brought glory to this beautiful state. There are many other talented athletes who have come out of this state. However, there is one more thing for which Manipur is popular, no, we aren’t talking about the food. Ever heard of Manipuri dance? Nope, not talking about that either.

We are here to familiarise you with dance forms of this state other than Manipuri.

Raas Leela


Prominently known as a divine dance, Raas Leela is a significant piece of traditional Manipuri culture and its uniqueness can be apparently found in each part of the dance structure, be it the ensemble or the moves. During the performance, eye-catching in-vogue developments and graceful gestures can be seen.

Pung Cholom or Drum Dance


It is a well-known dance style of Manipur characterised by dancing and playing the drum at the same time. Pung Cholom is likewise a mix of sound and development, which requests aerobatic abilities as it includes jumping and swirling.

Luivat Pheizak Dance

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One of the most popular dances of Manipur, this dance form is associated with the Tangkhul Naga community. It portrays the various phases of cultivation and is a show of the lifestyle of the community. It is mandated to perform this dance on all traditional celebrations of Manipur.

Shim Lam Dance

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Shim Lam dance, or also known as the fly dance, is associated with the Rongmei community. The dancers put on beautiful and colourful traditional attires and dance by spinning around each other resonating with the rhythm of the reciting artist in the background. The men swagger to the music with a custom blade in their hand while the female artists follow the beats with their spinning hands in the air.

Thang Ta Dance


This Manipuri traditional dance includes a wide range of martial arts as dancers perform with weapons in their hands. Known as the craft of blade and spear, weapons like metallic swords and wooden spars are a casual site in this dance. The artists utilise them in a dizzying show of steel and starts as they take off among one another.